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Women's Health with Sarah Mulder + Berrion Berry

Sarah Mulder + Berrion Berry on Women’s Health and Periods

Sarah had the opportunity to talk with Berrion Berry on Instagram Live all about periods and how you can have a healthier cycle.  

Women's health conversation

Berri is a women's health coach and fertility awareness educator, specializing in educating modern women with everything related to hormones and fertility, especially cycle syncing. 

Her work has been featured on top podcasts like the Balanced Black Girl with Lestraundra Alfred, the Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, SHE by Jordan Lee Dooley, as well as, in leading publications like Shape Magazine, Thrive Global, and The Everygirl. From hormone balancing to cycle syncing, to mood enhancing and self healing, Berri covers it all and is excited to help you have your best period yet. 

Sneak peek of what you will learn in the conversation:

  • The best practices you can do to help regulate your hormones and combat migraines
  • Berri’s favourite supplement brand, nutritional foods, and health products
  • Berri’s #1 tip for managing your period and period pain 

Listen Now

Listen to the whole conversation on Instagram:


Burning Questions


“As a woman who has experienced extreme pain caused by periods for the past 30 years, speaking to Cycle Synching expert Berrion Berry, was extremely important to me during women's health week.  Personally I had a break through tip from Berrion last summer, the tip was "add blueberries to your green juice or smoothies leading up to your period, to bring down inflammation" I had already added a strict morning routine that same summer of celery juice to reduce inflammation but it was not until I added blueberries that things really started to calm down with my cramps. This was a life-changing moment for me, and really made me look critically at my food to reduce triggering inflammatory foods. I had the chance to ask personal questions as well as SMJ fan questions to Berrion Berry and here are a few of my favorite take aways” - Sarah Mulder

*Disclaimer this is not medical advice, these recommendations are not going to be right for everyone, but if there is a something that resonates with you, we recommend researching these tips for yourself and/or seeking further medical advice.


Q: If there was one thing that you would tell someone to start doing today to help reduce pain what would that be?

A: Blueberries and organic red raspberry leaf tea.  About 8-12 oz of tea helps to lower prostaglandins if you are experiencing inflammation.


Q: Do you have any tips to reduce hormonal migraines?

A: Stabilize your blood sugar levels, by eating at least 3 square meals a day. These should include protein, healthy fats, and fibre.  If migraines are your main problem, you should be including micronutrients and minerals in your daily diet. Things like seaweed, tuna and salmon are great sources, as well as shellfish. Supplements to look into taking will be different for everyone but iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and even Vitamin K + CoQ10, are a good starting point. An easy addition to your daily routine is to add a little bit of salt to your water in the morning. 


Q: Is there a food you would recommend dropping immediately from your diet?

A: Cut out processed sugar/gluten and cow-based dairy products for anti-inflammation and get regular sleep.


Q: Do you have any anti-bloating tips?

A: GINGER and/or ginseng, there is a daily gut support from Semaine that is also good.


Q: What are your tips to help prevent adult acne and bacne?

A: It's important to remember that our skin is an organ. It is always trying to detoxify, and we need to help it. Just after you ovulate, ditch the body products and let your skin purge. If you can use less product, this is a great start.  In addition, look into your laundry detergent because it might be a disadvantage to your skin. Dry brushing before your shower and lymphatic drainage are also great for the body.


Q: Is there a safe and good detox or cleanse for women?

A: You have to be careful with green detoxes because the ingredients need to be very clean, two that are good are Athletic Greens and Organifi. The 3:6:9 from Medical Medium is a hard but great cleanse, very focused on the liver and really helps your menstrual cycle.


Q: Do you have tips to help hormonal hot flashes?

A: Change your linens for nighttime hot flashes to natural fibers such as bamboo, silk, or linen. They are all great fabrics to help your body stay cooler at night.


Q: What are some tips to ease our bodies into prepping for menopause as our hormones change?

A: Our bodies are switching from E2 to E1 in our estrogen levels, so we can take supplements to help support this change. Black cohosh or DIM are two to look into. Women suffering from chronic pain need to be careful introducing supplements and it is advised to seek more advice on supplements.


Q: How can you crush the sugar cravings

A: What is your body actually craving? Are you stressed? Are you getting a good sleep? Your body doesn't need sugar, it needs some support in boosting energy. Have some fruit or a power bite is always good to help crush a craving.


Q: Bone Broth is always recommended to help women, is there a vegan or vegetarian alternative to bone broth?

A: Kroma Wellness, veggie broth with plant protein


Q: There are so many supplements on the market for balancing hormones, is there a supplement that you would recommend?

A: Semaine does a great job of addressing all different ages, a daily supplement is a good place to start, pre and probiotic. There is a peri menopause support supplement that is also great.


Q: Is there something you can do to help a heavy flow?

A: DIM is something to look into and it helps to support your estrogen levels. There are a few traditional Chinese Medicine teas that also support heavy bleeding. My Happy Flo (they may not ship to Canada) has supplements to support heavy flows.


Number One Tip!

Our very best tip from our Q&A is to check out Berrion Berry's Cycle Synching programs which best support your personal health journey.  All period problems can be addressed through adjustments to your personal cycle.

Sarah’s Green Juice Recipe

Here is Sarah’s daily green juice recipe that helps takes her period pain away!

Sarah’s Recipe (5 Servings):

  • Juice 2 full stocks of celery add to blender
  • Juice of ½ lemon or lime
  • 2 tablespoons of pre-minced ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
  • ½ a bag to ¾ bag prewashed spinach
  • - BLEND until smooth -
  • Add 2 cups of blueberries
  • - BLEND until smooth -
  • *other options: cucumber/mint/apple juice or water if needed


Cycle Support Resources:

Products Mentioned with Codes:

  • My Happy Flo (Discount Code: BERRI)
  • Semaine Products (Discount Code: BERRI20)

Thanks for Listening!

Connect with Berri for more great information Instagram or TikTok. 


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