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Unwrap the Magic of Sarah Mulder Jewelry

This holiday season, go beyond the ordinary and gift a piece of enchantment with Sarah Mulder Jewelry.

Unwrap the magic, and let every shimmering detail become a symbol of the joy and love shared during this special time of the year.


SMJ has gift ideas for every person in your life this holiday season. 

For your co-worker or Secret Santa or White Elephant gift

An easy go-to that everyone loves is the Toni 15mm Hoops. ...Not sure if their ears are pierced? No problem! We also love the Electric Lines Necklace, both are our top sellers for the past four years.

For your child

We love a heart felt gift. The Franz Necklace was designed to represent family through stars and a moon. A reminder that if you need a path home, to look up at the stars and you are never too far away.

For the mother figure in your life 

Over the years we have found that our fans love choosing a "set" of jewelry to gift, we love a set that "goes" together rather than matching perfectly. We think the Ollie Necklace and Earrings are a fabulous fit as you can remove the ring on the Ollie Earrings offering a two-in-one look and it's perfect for travelling.

For the best friend in your life

If you are looking for a more sentimental set we love the Trillion Necklace and Bracelet, featuring rainbow moonstone.

Designed to represent protection and renewal, and is a symbol to inspire it's wearer to transform during challenging times. Triangles historically symbolize manifestation, revelation, strength, stability and balance. While Moonstones have been known for their calming properties that inspire harmony, creativity and compassion.

For the friend you want to celebrate 

The Fuerte Necklace is our favorite symbol of triumph. When Sarah Mulder was designing the Fuerté pendant she wrote in her sketchbook, “There was strength in those tears”. With sun rays rising from a crying eye, the Fuerté pendant represents strength, a much need message for us all going into the new year.

For the sister or sister-in-law in your life 

Our PERFECT earrings for anyone who you are sort of wondering what is missing in their jewelry wardrobe is the Small Ariam Earrings, perfect for an everyday earring and all of our fans love them!

For the teacher figure in your life 

The Small Liv Hoops in Rhodium or Gold have a slight heart shape and the uniqueness and small size of these earrings would be the perfect gift of thanks.

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For the woman who loves to make a statement 

It has to be the Golden Hour Hoops or the Miranda Earrings. Two of our current top faves! Lightweight, unique and eye-catching.

For the woman who is connected to the stars

The Solange Hoops are the most unique gift you could give to someone who loves to connect to our celestial world. And you bet, we have two sizes to pick from.

For the teen in your life 

We love the Celeste Studs or Necklace, the perfect little edgy piece to introduce your teen to. We also love the Cassie Studs (in pearl or onyx), or the Leo Hoops for a teen that likes something smaller.

For our overseas friends

We always suggest going with something FLAT so its easier for you to ship! We love the new Utility Chain or Earrings for this reason. Both are easy to incorporate into a wardrobe when you don't know what they already have in their jewelry closet.

For our City Girl who loves to stand out

With a touch of cosmopolitan flair, we recommend the Empress Hoops. Whether or not, they are a lover or a fighter, the Crush Earrings will bring out the best in any look. 


What would Sarah gift her loved ones?

Under the Christmas Tree, Sarah's mom may find the hottest earrings of the season, the Large Ariam Earrings, or a FW2023 favourite, the Utility Earrings. Sarah's mom is always reaching for a hoop style, and Santa knows that the 24mm Toni Hoops and the 27mm Stanley Hoops will be a perfect fit. 

Sarah's besties may be surprised to unwrap three beloved SMJ styles offered in both Rhodium and Gold, Jax Earrings, the Miley Large Hoops, and the Made of Star Hoops. These looks are sophisticated, timeless, and lightweight for every occasion. 

It's the time of year where a White Elephant game is on the calendar. Sarah's go to choice for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift will be the Lang Necklace. This faceted pearl with claw settings are guaranteed to deliver an elegant and subtle look that we are always keeping an eye out for. Also available in Rhodium

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Find the perfect gift under $50.00

The Holiday Season can be heavy on our pocketbooks. With the cost of living ever rising, finding the perfect gift that is $50 and under can be a challenge. Don't worry, SMJ has many pieces in her current collection that will bring a memorable smile to your loved ones' faces. 

Indulge in the art of gifting with our curated selection of perfect under $50 treasures. From the delicate sparkle of Hope Studs and the timeless allure of Cassie Studs to the celestial charm of Made of Stars Studs, every piece is a unique expression of style.

Elevate the glam with the Leo 15mm or 20mm. Embrace minimalism with the Stanley 11mm, or add a touch of playfulness with the Alphie Studs. The XO Studs and Slice Studs are crafted to make a statement without breaking the bank. Affordable elegance awaits, making each of these pieces a thoughtful and stylish addition to any collection.

Explore easy gift ideas for under $50.00 in SMJ's current collection. 


Shop Sarah Mulder Jewelry in person

Visit with Sarah in person to ask questions and shop with your own two eyes. Try on pieces, enjoy the FW2023 collection at these upcoming markets. Sarah can't wait to see you all at these local Holiday Markets




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