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Why SMJ Loves Rhodium Silver

We love designing with Rhodium Silver, here's why:

Rare in nature with a glimmering silver tone, rhodium is one of our beautiful plating materials and earns its reputation as one of the highest quality plating metals on the market. SMJ loves using rhodium as an alternative to silver due to its high quality in the electroplating process and it's high resistance to tarnish.

Rhodium's resistance to tarnish stems from its high purity rating in the metal world, it ensures durability as a harder metal compared to it's softer sister metal, silver. Contrary to popular belief, rhodium is a much better metal to use in the plating process than sterling silver due to it's scratch and dent resistantancy.

SMJ uses an Italian refined brass as the base metal for all of our pieces, the tone of our base metal is a pale gold, which verges on a silver tone.  There are a few reasons why we use brass as a base metal but the biggest reason is that it allows us to keep our costs a little lower for our customers without loosing the quality of the pieces.  The brass we use is the highest quality base metal on the market and pairs well in the rhodium plating process. SMJ has used this process for over ten years and our greatest feedback is from customers who tell us how well our jewelry wears.
*We recommend that you refer to our Frequently Asked Questions on how to care for rhodium plated pieces if you own or are considering a rhodium plated piece.


Rhodium Silver is for all bodies (even sensitive ones)

SMJ pieces are nickel free, which eliminates all basic metal allergies. Nickel is one of the biggest allergies for people with sensitivities to wearing metals. We advise you to adhere to your own body when it tells you it's getting itchy or sore, however, our fans have had great success wearing our pieces and even people with very sensitive ears tell us they have loved wearing our earrings!

All our rhodium plated earrings have ear posts made of sterling silver, our nickel free plating process gives our ear posts an added barrier which allows sensitive ears to feel comfy and unphased by allergies.

We often have questions regarding tarnishing, or how long the jewelry will wear until the plating strips. Over 10+ years of plating, we have improved our plating process and are proud to say that we have some of the highest standards of plating on the market. Our fans tell us that their jewelry looks as good as new, year after year.  It is always tricky for us to answer the question of how your gems will wear on everyone, as we can't control which beauty products our customers are using.  We like to opt for a "clean" beauty routine, which will keep acidic product away from plated gems, ensuring their longevity.  Taking your jewelry off when you are at the gym, sleeping, showering or swimming is going to keep your plated jewelry beautiful for years.


Here are a few of our treasured fan favourites!

rhodium silver, rhodium, smj

Featured here, the Licia Necklace comes in both Rhodium and Gold. Also pictured, the Helen Necklace and the Faux Pas necklace

Designed specifically to be the perfect short layering necklace, the Licia Necklace features a 16" sterling silver box-chain, that converts to 18" so you can wear it at two different lengths depending on your desired look.

The rhodium plated pendant was hand carved from wax to mimic a natural fresh water pearl. The pendant slides over the box-chain for a sleek and sophisticated look. We think this piece is a must-have in your SMJ collection. We designed this piece to layer perfectly with the Heather Necklace, for a classic yet contemporary look.


heather necklace, rhodium silver

Featured above, the Helen Necklace in Rhodium and Black Cubic Zirconia. 

Named after Sarah's grandmother, the Helen necklace signifies the strength of family and serves a contemporary, yet classic clean look that was designed to accompany larger pendants for a layered look on 20” chains. Check out the Grace Demi hoops as a perfect earring match for these beauties!

 alex earrings, rhodium silver

Featured here are the Alex Studs in 2" silver, along with the Christine Studs.

The 2” Alex Earrings add a subtle feminine touch to any look. We think they look gorgeous paired with the Cassie Stud, or the 1/2" Alex Earring in a second piercing. 


SMJ designs can be found in these incredibly versatile looks, Gold and Rhodium Silver

We love a statement look for every occasion. Sarah Mulder Jewelry is made in small batches of 100. Our limited runs allow for zero waste within the studio and ensure that our product is purchased, loved, and not over produced. Browse through all of our current Rhodium Silver pieces by clicking here





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