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Interview with Unicorn Marketing Co.

Sarah loves working with a diverse team

And she sources expertise from incredibly talented photographers, videographers, whole sale agencies and more. See Sarah's whole team here

Recently, Sarah was interviewed by Madison Allen, Content Creation Specialist at Unicorn Marketing Co. Find out where Sarah's passion for design began, how she first got started in the industry, and the process of building her own company. 

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How do you come up with new ideas for new pieces? 

I’m inspired every single day. It can be a shadow, a crack in the pavement, someone’s belt buckle, a pattern on a rug, or a scrap of paper torn up in some interesting way. I see beauty in literally everything, it’s hard for me NOT to be inspired, it’s my favorite part about life.

How has your practice grown through the years?

It’s grown in so many ways it’s hard to summarize. I went from buying ready-made pendants and stringing beads together in my parent’s basement to moving into a Gastown studio where I had to take myself and my vision more seriously to create a brand voice. The things that I couldn’t do myself that would have taken me years to learn, I outsourced. I found craftsmen to work with, making my custom designs into reality. Things ran so much more smoothly after I gave myself the grace to know what I loved doing and what I wasn’t strong at. I showed up for myself day after day and continued to push the momentum forward. I ended up getting my foot in with a sales rep that quite literally changed the game for me in sales. 

What are some of your favourite products that you offer?

I like my most unusual “power pieces” the most. I love the power they hold. Stores have told me that they put my statement pieces in the windows and it brings customers in.  The power of a beautiful piece is incredible, and it is so special to know that I can evoke that feeling for someone.

My top three specific favorites are my Ariam Earrings, Empress Earrings, and Rebel Earrings. I have a long list of faves, but I will stop there. 

Insider Fan Alert: The Rebel Earrings are coming back from retirement next year. 


Thank you to the whole team at Unicorn Marketing Co. for our continued collaboration!

We love working with Hope and the whole team at Unicorn Marketing Co. If you are curious how our e-mails suddenly got so beautiful or how to make Pinterest work for your brand, we totally recommend working with this wonderful, women-led team. 


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