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Learn About SMJ's Design Process

Every design process starts with observation. 

Whether she is walking down the cobblestone streets of Gastown, sitting in a neighbourhood coffee shop, or travelling on transit, designer Sarah Mülder loves watching people and what they wear daily. It is just the thing that inspires that initial creative spark for designing statement pieces, that she truly feels connected to. When Sarah starts the design process, she likes to head to a favourite corner in a local cafe to let her imagination wander as she draws designs out in her sketchbook.

A collection always starts with a pair of earrings as the inspiration for a season, and she often starts the design process with a statement earring in mind. She will choose three to five keywords to describe the essence of the collection she is trying to create, and from there, design ideas will start to flow.
The designs will get tailored down to a smaller earring, an accompanying layer of necklaces, and often bracelets to complete the look. Each collection is a  mini-capsule collection. Her designs evolve from pieces in past collections that have received a strong reaction from fans, after all, SMJ is inspired by her fans and their stories. 
After completing twelve to fifteen designs on paper, Sarah transfers them to a CAD file (Computer Aided Design), where all of the measurements and specifics are finalized. If the design is a more organic shape, they will get hand-carved with wax, otherwise, they are made in wax with a laser printer before being made into a mould. The pieces are then cast with Italian gold brass, which is of the highest quality plating in the market, and is of course, always nickel free by nature.
After they are polished and refined, the pieces are either plated in Rhodium, yielding a stronger finish than plating in Sterling Silver, or in a gold plating over the rhodium/brass base, which creates a beautiful soft gold tone. 

The strong and harmonious balance of the metals is the key to the durability of the jewelry. SMJ has worked on the plating process meticulously with a small family-owned and operated team in Thailand, proudly supporting their growing business over the past five years. Their skilled team is certificated from Intertek, ensuring fair working conditions and wages for the company’s employees and staff.  

Finally, the pieces undergo the stone setting process, SMJ only uses sustainable and easily sourced stones such as rose quartz, onyx, and cultured pearls. Each gem adds a unique meaning to the designs, which is just one of the reasons why the SMJ fan base has connected to Sarah’s evolving collections.

From start to finish, Sarah Mülder is proud to make jewelry for a growing fan base who inspires the designs. There is nothing Sarah loves more than creating pieces that make someone feel powerful and confident in what they are wearing.





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