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Sustainability of Cultured Pearls at SMJ

The Beauty of Sustainably Sourced Cultured Pearls 

Known as the "Queen of Gems", pearls evoke a timeless, elegant quality. As one of nature's greatest miracles, pearls are among the most unique gemstones because of the symbol and power they hold and have been beautifully adorned by humans for centuries. How are cultured pearls made sustainably at SMJ and what do they symbolize?

How are Cultured Pearls Made? 

Natural pearls are formed organically in mollusks (such as oysters or clams) when an irritant, such as a tiny piece of sand, is accidentally lodged in the soft tissue. Once a crystalline substance called nacre is released, it builds up around the irritant in layers over many years until a pearl is formed. Cultured pearls are formed in a similar fashion, but the irritant is implanted in the oyster rather than entering it by chance. As the years pass, the smooth luminescent surface of the nacre forms a beautiful, asymmetrical shape. 

At SMJ, we ensure that our cultured pearls are sustainably sourced from Thailand. Sustainable pearl farming creates ideal conditions for the growth and maintenance of the ecosystem in which the pearl is produced. This includes sustainable growth for the mussels or oysters and the coral reef habitat. From cultivating to harvesting, we ensure that small businesses that we work with use sustainable farming practices, maintained by conserving the biodiversity of the area and being transparent and compliant with applicable local laws. 

What do Pearls Symbolize? 

The natural creation process of pearls is a powerful metaphor for the way that overcoming hardships can lead to growth and transformation. The wisdom that comes from experience ties into the process of creating a pearl, making them a natural sign of strength, protection, healing and balance. 

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