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Creating a Mindful Jewelry Collection

SMJ is all about creating mindfully sourced jewelry collection

Building a mindful jewelry collection is all about incorporating jewelry that reflects your personal style, while investing in classic pieces that are diverse and can be simple enough to layer and wear anywhere. 

Ask yourself, "What do I need for everyday wear? Can this transcend to special occasions or would I need something else?"

SMJ has got your back if you want to build a sustainable, mindfully curated collection.

We want to help you choose timeless pieces for your jewelry collection, while finding gems that peak your curiosity and inspire fun!  We’ve designed iconic pieces to be worn as staples in your everyday wardrobe, and will have heads turning when you come into a room.

Sarah Mulder Jewelry pieces are created with love and intention, guaranteeing that you feel beautiful and confident in your jewelry. They are truly a testament to her artistry and vision and we've curated some looks to help you build the collection of your dreams!


Hoops are an absolute must have for all jewelry lovers, they make any outfit look elevated, chic and clean. Whether you are a gold or silver fan, SMJ has the perfect options for you.

The Stanley and Toni hoops are some examples of the sophistication SMJ strives for, they truly make every earlobe a little classier. These hoops are available in gold and rhodium, in both small and medium sizes.

We care about your lobes, which is why we make them as lightweight as possible! Want a pair of statement hoops? Try out the luxurious DL Hoops or the gorgeous Kelly Hoops which pair perfectly with the Grace Demi Hoops if you have a second piercing. These stunning pieces are contemporary while inspired by classic design.

You can pair these with a crisp white button down, or a flowing evening dress, it’s always a good time to put a hoop on.

toni earrings, mindful sourced collectionFeatured here: Toni Earrings (Gold) in 24mm and 15mm 


Stud Earrings

We LOVE mixing and matching studs and due to their size, studs are always easier on the budget to incorporate into your wardrobe.

If you love wearing a stud as your main earrings, try something slightly bigger like the faceted pearl Leah’s a classic gem but cut and paired to reflect our contemporary design aesthetic.

The Leah’s will pair perfectly with our smaller studs if you have extra piercings, we love them with the Balance Studs or the Made of Stars Trio to add a bit of intrigue to your lobes (the trios are also offered as pairs!). 

We’ve used authentic gemstones and cubic zirconia throughout our designs to add some sparkle to these tiny studs. Need a stud that can be dressed up? The 2" Alex Studs pair perfectly with anything! The Cassie Studs make any outfit effortlessly luxe, and are a beautiful accent to any look.

mindful jewelry collection, made of stars trioFeatured here: Made of Stars trio in Gold



The key to building your necklace collection is having pieces that can be layered or stand alone.

We think every SMJ fan needs the Licia Necklace and Heather Necklace in their wardrobe, both are perfect to add subtle charm to a casual look. Both necklaces offer two built-in lengths that we have designed for wearing with other pieces, or perfectly layering the two together.

The Franz Necklace, Fuerte Necklace or Lines Necklace are all offered in both short or long chains.  SMJ offers custom-cut lengths at little to no extra charge so you can add your perfect chain length to your jewelry collection.

Each season we really consider what our fans are wearing which is why we think everyone needs at least one simple statement necklace that will be a conversation starter, and the Aki Necklace is a fantastic option. We want to turn heads and sometimes jewelry like the Aki Necklace is exactly what you need to do that.

mindful jewelry collection, smjFeatured here: Two Franz Necklaces (Gold) in different chain lengths


Pieces for Special Occasions

We’ve brought contemporary style to the vintage charm of pearls, by faceting these timeless classics and giving them a modern twist.

SMJ's pearl collection is not only stunning, but adds a perfectly subtle finishing touch to any special occasion. Try the Lang Earrings or Hope Studs if you are looking for a smaller earring. The incredibly elegant Lang Necklace  also comes in a second stone option if you are looking to add a little more interest to your wardrobe.

We love layering the Lang Necklaces with the aforementioned Licia and Hope Necklaces and if you have multiple piercings try the Balance Studs with your pearls to add a sparkly finish.

mindful jewelry collection, smj, sarah mulder jewelryFeatured here: Lang Necklace in Pearl, Helen Necklace, Made of Stars Necklace


A Statement Moment

We should ALL have that one piece in our collection that makes our friends ask “Where did you get that?”, and we know you know that contemporary statement jewelry is what SMJ does best.

So how do you go about choosing a statement piece to add to your wardrobe if you aren’t used to buying statement jewelry? We think you should pick the statement piece that draws you in the most, you want to be drawn to the piece so that you will be excited about putting it on when you are going out, it should make you feel powerful and gorgeous.

Here’s a small list of highly recommended jewelry that will remain classy, interesting, and add magic to any outfit. We want you to try the Ariam EarringsJax Necklace or earrings, Golden Hour Hoops, and Aki Earrings or necklace. By the way, statement pieces don’t have to be big!

Here’s a list of our favorite smaller statement designs, Solange Hoops, Ascent Earrings, Lines Earrings or necklace, Faux Pas Necklace. SMJ has got you covered with so many jaw-dropping options that it may be hard to choose… but in our opinion you can’t go wrong with something you’ve picked out and love. 

mindful jewelry collection, smjFeatured here: Electric Lines Earrings in Gold and Leah Studs in Gold

Benefits of a mindfully sourced collection

A mindfully sourced jewelry collection often means choosing pieces that are crafted with care and attention to detail. These highlighted SMJ pieces possess unique stories and personal touches, adding depth and meaning to each piece we wear.

Whether you have are looking to create a collection for everyday, for a night out with friends, or for an incredibly special moment, SMJ is here for you always. 




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