Indie Foxx (Nashville, TN)

"I believe you can look beautiful without hurting our furry friends"

Meeting people through social media has always fascinated me.  Like-minded people admiring each others work and connecting in a way that was never possible before.  In some cases I get to meet these gems, in other cases we get to collaborate from afar.  In this month's Style Story it was a case of admiring each others work and being able to collaborate from the other side of the boarder with Sara Vio otherwise known as Indiefoxx.  I was so excited to learn more about Sara and I know you will love her story...

"I was born in Ohio but grew up in Florida and North Carolina. I had an awesome childhood. I lived on a sailboat for 10 years with my family. Life has always been an adventure for me and I embrace that! I was a professional makeup artist before I became a fashion/beauty blogger. I loved doing makeup but I felt I wanted to show more of my personality in the fashion world. I'm definitely someone with many talents and hobbies. I tend to think more on the creative side of things."

Big thank you to Sara for this awesome interview, check out her story and how she styled her Sarah Mulder Jewelry below.

Find Indiefoxx on Instagram (one of my favorite accounts!) @iindiefoxx

You are a woman of many talents, do you find that you use your blog as an outlet for all of your passions?

I pretty much only share my fashion and makeup inspiration on my website. Blogging about fashion/makeup is a passion but it's not my main outlet of expression.  I would love to start putting more lifestyle stuff on my site so people could see my passions and interests outside of fashion and beauty.

What’s something you have learned about blogging that you wish you had known when you started?

Blogging is way harder then I thought. Going into it I thought it would be easy but found out it took a lot of time and money to start, totally worth it though!

What is the most exciting thing that you have been able to do through your blogging platform?

I have worked with some amazing companies and brands that have continued throughout the years. I'm always humbled to work with large brands and small brands alike. I also have met some amazing people through blogging that I can say have turned into wonderful friendships.

I love your passion for animal protection, cruelty-free brands are also something that I am personally making a priority. If someone wanted to start with some basic drugstore beauty products to stock their shelves, do you have any recommendations? Who are some of your favourite brands?

I am 100% cruelty-free. One of my biggest goals is to educate people on animal testing and give them other options that are cruelty-free. My motto is "I believe you can look beautiful without hurting our furry friends!" I personally don't use much drugstore makeup but I do know that brands are starting to catch on to people not wanting products tested on animals so they are making changes. A few drug store brands that are cruelty free are NYX, Pacifica, Milani, Colourpop, and Physicians Formula. My personal favorites are Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay, BECCA, Anastasia Beverly Hills. and Kat V D Beauty.  

We will be forever obsessed with your eyes…they seriously hold the universe, can you recommend some of your fave products?

Aww Thank you! I have been wanting to do makeup tutorials on youtube but I haven't quite found the time to do them yet! I'm hoping to start doing them soon! I have a few makeup favorites for creating the "perfect eye" I like to use natural shades that make my eye color pop. Anything in the brown and warm tone family is pretty much what I use. My must have product is Urban Decay Naked2.

Do you have makeup tips for best practice?

The best advice I can give is blend blend blend!!! Always blend your makeup! You never want to look like you got two black eyes unless that is the look you are going for!

You’ve just moved, Congrats! We want to know why and what’s next?

So I just moved to Nashville, Tennessee with my hubby, pets, and plants! LOL! A dream of mine is to move out West. California or Nevada! So we are slowly moving westward but besides wanting to move west my husband got a great job here and we moved for better opportunities for my career. 

If you could live a life in the day of one musician/artist who would it be and why?

Well that is the hardest question ever. I feel like every week I'm switching up my music and falling in love with a new musician or artist. I'm currently obsessed with Aurora. If you haven't heard of her go look her up now. She has a beautiful voice. Her music style is whimsical indie. Why? Her music is so moody and real. I can feel the emotions behind each song she sings. Something I strive for is realness. When you can just listen to someone and relate to what they are going through or you can feel their emotions, it's incredible. It makes us feel alive and like we are not alone.  

photos courtesy of Indiefoxx

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