Elaine Rystead (Vancouver, BC)

"You should always have your next two trips planned" is what a friend once said to me, and I think it's great advice!

She came into the studio like a ray of sunshine, a big smile, the sweetest demeanor and I was immediately thrilled to invite her into our space.  Meet Elaine Rystead, one of two women behind the blog Local Wanderer "A travel blog about bright and beautiful places" that is boasting a healthy following on social media of die-hard people like myself who can't get enough of their gorgeous travel diary.  A woman of many talents I asked Elaine to give me the low-down on what she was up to right now...

"I run the travel blog called Local Wanderer with my friend Taylor. Her and I have been friends since highs school, and we started the Instagram account featuring "localism, not tourism" 3 years ago! It's been a super fun adventure and we continue to run the blog while working our full time jobs. I'm also the Community Manager at Flashstock, where I get to network and recruit photographers who are interested in shooting social media projects for brands! I shoot free-lance photography on the side too! .. All of the side hustles!"

Follow along with the fun Elaine and Taylor are having @localwanderer

I also love her personal account @elainery

Read on to find out more about Elaine and a few of her passions...

How did you become interested in photography and why do you love it still?

I went through the camera evolution of starting with a tiny digital camera in high school, which eventually grew into a DSLR in my college years. I love learning and education, and photography is a tool where I'm constantly able to teach myself new tricks, perspectives, and find new inspiration. Photography also allows me to work with people, to capture emotion and to learn about others in their lovely non-verbal ways. People, they're such an art and it's incredibly inspiring and beholding. 

What part of creating a blog is your favorite?

I love being able to promote small businesses and connecting with the owners/employees/community! Running a business is SO much work, and being able to promote businesses (we don't get paid to do it) is how we're able to give back. I also love taking photos of nearly anything that makes me happy, and having the opportunity to share people and places to an audience that finds it just as exciting is a true blessing!

Where is the most exciting place that your job has lead you?

Taylor and I went to Bali for NYE this past year, and LOVED IT. I can see why everyone seems to be going there right now, and I'm obsessed with their Australian influence as well as their kind-hearted and colourful culture! As far as local trips, Taylor and I are obsessed with California, and find ourselves in LA and Palm Springs every few months. The direct flights and working remotely part of our lives really allows us to have this lifestyle, and I'm so thankful for it!

What is on your travel-to-do list?

I bought a canoe, and I can't wait to take it everywhere around Vancouver this summer! I would also love to travel to Morocco, as well as visit my family in Norway again. "You should always have your next two trips planned" is what a friend once said to me, and I think it's great advice!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

I'd really love to raise a family in Vancouver (where I'm from and grew up), but I can definitely see myself moving to California or literally anywhere warm, if the right opportunity came up! In LA, I love the Venice neighbourhood, as well as the Silver Lake area. I'm always going to be willing to give anything a shot though... like Australia? Why Not!?!

If you were going to recommend one local trip/place to readers what place would you choose?

 Start with exploring your own neighbourhood. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO EVEN RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE :)

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Give us a little low-down of your fave Vancouver joints.

I love Juke for chicken strips, Bestie for the ambience and goodies, and the Acorn for weekend Brunch! I will forever miss the Foundation for vegan dishes, but have faith that it'll return ;). I also love coffee, and Bows and Arrows on Fraser sure knows how to do it! 

Huge thank you to Elaine for taking these gorgeous photos and for being this months Style Story feature!

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