Jade Michael (Salt Lake City, UT)

Photography is a process of trial and error...if you don’t love the subject you’re shooting, then it’s going to reflect in your work.

Born in Wyoming and raised in Salt  Lake City, meet photographer Jade Michael.  I fell in love with Jade and her work on social media via her Instagram page @underabrightsky.  Now working on a new project @apollohype with her boyfriend, Jade is focusing on "Hype Style" campaigns and her knack for this genre definitely shows.

The project is currently ambiguous until we release exactly what we are planning for it. I am currently studying Chemistry at the University of Utah because I wanted to go into neurochemical engineering. Now I have no idea what I want to do and the only thing lab work has taught me is that I do not like lab work. That’s the honest truth about college.

You can read more from our Q&A below and find out what Jade loves about being behind the camera rather than in front of it!

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...and a special shout out from Jade to @alturnr "for enlightening SLC with the relevance of Nike Slides"

What do you love about living in Salt Lake City?

I love living in SLC because of the geographic and social diversity it offers. It's so rad to be in the city and then in the mountains 30 minutes later. My fave spots include Sawadee Thai and Publik Coffee (cause a girl has got to have bomb Thai food and coffee).

What is your favorite place/thing to photograph and why?

My favorite thing to shoot are portraits. I think humans are fascinating as each of us are incredibly multifaceted and diverse. The ability to capture this in a photograph is a beautiful thing.

You model as well, how do the two work hand in hand?

The two are able to exist simultaneously as they teach different sides of the same art form. I wouldn't really ever tell anyone I'm a model but I tell people I'm a photographer because that is what I would rather be known as.

I like photography more than modelling because it feels like my own art as I am able to manipulate what is captured. I feel the opposite about modeling; I am hardly in control as I am the subject of someone else's art.

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What in your opinion makes the perfect photo?

The perfect photo tells a story. I know that sounds like a cliche answer that I copied from the internet (I might as well have) but it is true.

Beyond that, lighting is the most important thing. I shoot almost strictly with natural light because I find it nearly impossible to recreate moments that encapsulate the story I wish to in artificial light.

What are some of the problems you've had in photography that you can share with emerging photographers?

Photography is a process of trial and error. I've had some shoots where I think, "wow, this is killer" and others where I think, "lmao, I am seriously bad at this." My biggest advice is to try all sorts of photography. I've shot couples, families, weddings, engagements, commercial work and pretty much anything you can think of. What I found out is that if you don't love the subject you're shooting, then it's going to reflect in your work.

Dream location to shoot?

All over Thailand (but mostly so I can eat the food between shoots).

Dream adventure?

I would absolutely love to travel around Thailand and spend time learning about the native animals and plant species on a first hand basis. The dream adventure would really have to be a year long extended stay.

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