Henny Hwang (Vancouver, BC)

"My favorite thing to shoot is the connection between people in love. The emotion within is incredible."

I have been waiting for the right moment to feature one of my favorite wedding & lifestyle photographers Henny Hwang, artist and visionary behind the camera of Hennygraphy.  For the past couple of years I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Henny for photoshoots and I'm so happy to spotlight her this month for Style Stories.  When she is home she is never settled for too long before the next adventure strikes! A native of Vancouver, Henny grew up surrounded by the beautiful natural setting of the West Coast which is most likely why her love for photoshoots in nature is so close to her heart.

"Although I grew up here I'm still pretty new to the Vancouver scene since I've been living in Toronto for the past 8 years.  I moved to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson University and when I finished my program I wanted to gain more hands-on experience before jumping into freelancing.  So despite my urge to come back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to start my own business I decided to stay in T.O. for another 4 years to work and learn from various industry professionals as their assistant.

I have been so lucky to connect with amazingly talented, kind and inspirational "teachers" over the years.  Assisting in commercial & wedding studios, advertising agencies and for fashion photographers, I really got to see which type of photography was the best fit with my personality and what area I had the most passion for.  It's funny how things change, I thought I wanted to be a studio fashion photographer and never wanted to be a wedding photographer, now it's the complete opposite.  I probably learned more from my experience assisting than I did in school!  After returning home to Vancouver in 2015 I have been enjoying the outdoors and could not be any happier."

Although travel plans are always in Henny's future, I'm very happy that she has decided to stay in Vancouver long enough so that I get to see her as much as possible and even sneak in a couple of shoots throughout the year!

If you are looking for an brilliant wedding or lifestyle's photographer this year or in the future, Hennygraphy is an obvious choice and I would highly recommend her for your next photoshoot!

To follow her on social media click on the links below...

Instagram @Hennygraphy / Facebook @hennygraphy / www.hennygraphy.com

Big thank you to this talented team of ladies who worked on this shoot & thank you Henny for letting us know a bit more about you! Read on for more about Henny...

MUAH: Jane Mallonga

Model: Sami Thompson

Do you have a favorite project that you have photographed?

I think this will be an ongoing thing for a while  - fire portraits.  I absolutely adore shooting camp fires, the roaring flame is just beautiful and not a single shot will ever be the same.

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Connections between people/ places/ things, any kind of connections.  The emotion within is incredible, especially people in love.

Is there a dream destination you would love to shoot? 

Iceland / Morocco / Big Sur / annnnnd Santorini.

Santorini had been my dream destination for more than a decade. I finally went last year and I want to go back and shoot a wedding there.  From the beauty of the white cubic homes on the cliffs of the volcanic terrain, with the most perfect sunsets and colours spreading across the sky each night, to the warm blue water surrounding every Island, it's such a dream. 

It's so romantic! I would love to document a couple there one day.


If you could live somewhere else in the world where would it be?

I think it would be somewhere in Spain - probably Barcelona. I've always had this attraction to Spain, the language, the culture...

I'm thinking about going there for a few months to explore the country, meet people, and of course document people in love along the way <3

Getting your photos taken on your wedding day is a really big deal, do you have any tips for couples on their big day?

Fully trust your photographer and enjoy the day! It's not only about looking good for the camera, the best moments to shoot are the ones of you enjoying every single moment.  Connect with your loved ones, let your emotions flow and do not worry about how you are going to look on camera. 

Be yourself, focus on your partner, just fall in love over and over again because it's your photographers job to capture those perfect moments.

Any upcoming projects this year that you are super excited about?

Documenting more travel moments... I have a couple of trips planned throughout the year and I want to experience and document life and all these new and exciting things as much as possible.

Upcoming trips include Hawaii, West Coast road trips, Toronto and possibly Spain or Portugal :) Lets see how many I can fit into a year... 

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