Jered Scott (Santa Maria, CA)

"Don't worry about promoting yourself, but instead...create worth in everyone around you"

"Don't worry about promoting yourself, but instead...create worth in everyone around you"

Born just outside of Chicago, IL in 1982, photographer Jered Scott moved to California when he was 10 years old and has called it home since.  I was introduced to Jered's photography after he shot Alexandra Ford last year for her featured Style Story.  I was immediately floored by the vibrancy of his photos and have been a huge fan since then. 

September marks a new type of Style Story...featuring the creatives behind the lens...the people that make the magic happen and create all of the stunning content that we swoon over.  Hours of prep, shooting and editing go into every storyboard that they create and I am beyond excited that Jered is the first photographer I will be featuring in this series. 

A big thank you to Jered, Chelsea & Sara for these beautiful can follow them on social media at the links below and continue reading on to learn more about Jered Scott.

Jered Scott: instagram @jeredscott twitter @jeredscott

Chelsea @heychelssay

Sara @infinite.explorer

Do you have a favorite place to shoot?

I really try not to go back to a location more than once for a photo shoot, so maybe my favorite place to shoot would be a music venue. I really like the House of Blues in Chicago. It feels a little like an opera house, with the different levels. It's real bitchin.

What's your favorite thing to do post-shoot? 

If it's a long shoot, getting some food is probably the best. If I'm out of town I typically try to find a good pizza, burrito or falafel place.

Do you have any advice for new photographers?

My bits of advice would be, figure out what you love to shoot and go work to be better than everyone else doing it. Don't worry about promoting yourself but instead...create worth in everyone around you. Just have fun. Whether you are shooting as a hobbyist or a're creating...and that is fun. Don't lose sight of that.

Lately I've been having a lot of fun shooting with this little Fujix100t camera we got. It's more of a "street camera" with a fixed lens. I enjoy it because I don't have options to swap out lenses, or do much other than just take the picture. So it's fun to work within some restrictions and its results are pretty bomb. 

I do all my editing with Adobe Lightroom. Ever since I started using it years back, it's been my only editing software. I love how easy is has become for me and again, just bomb results!

Do you have a career highlight?

I've had the chance to work with a lot of bands I grew up listening to, so I'd say that's a highlight. Creating content with MxPx, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Relient K and Rise Against is still something that I can't believe some days.

 Most epic shoot to date?

Since I do different kinds of photography (fashion, music, wedding) there are a lot of fun things I've been able to do. But one that stands out is a small club show in Las Vegas for a band I grew up listening to. I'd been working with the group MxPx for a number of years and I'd mentioned that them playing their most popular album from front to back, at a show, would be awesome. Flash forward and I'm on stage with a packed house of die hard fans that had traveled from all over the world. I'm shooting photos, the band is playing, and everyone in the room is singing every damn word. It was electric.

What do you love about living in your area?  If/when we visit what are some of your favorite things that we should put on our to-do list?

San Luis Obispo (and the surrounding area) are really beautiful, and really chill. People enjoy coming here because the weather is almost always a perfect 70 degrees and almost always sunny. Everyone is pretty darn nice and the views are just wonderful. I'd say, make sure to catch the farmers market downtown on Thursday nights. We have 2 of the few remaining Drive-In movie theaters here on the central coast, so take in a flick if you can. From surfing to wine tasting...there really is a ton of great stuff to do.

Do you plan to live anywhere else in the next few years?

My wife and I have been considering moving back East in about a year. We are looking at somewhere in the Southern Tennessee area. We've both spent a majority of our lives in California and are looking to get a new experience either for a while, or for good. Might be fun to explore the South, and the East Coast for a while.


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