Ray Gibson (Vancouver, BC)

"I absolutely love country music, but this year I want to just create whatever comes to my mind and just roll with it!"

"I absolutely love country music, but this year I want to just create whatever comes to my mind and just roll with it!"

I simply cannot get enough of her this summer... Ray Gibson is my go-to in the studio these days for pumping up my creativity in the morning and keeping me going all afternoon.  I love this girls' voice!  Of course I was thrilled to feature Ray this month since it is Canada's birthday and she just happens to be Canadian!

Check out her feature to learn more about Ray and what she is up to this year... and then head straight over to itunes and listen to her music (click here).

You can follow Ray on social media as well as her lovely photographer Britt Perrin...

Ray's Instagram: @raygibson & Twitter: @raygibsonmusic                 Britt's Instagram: @britt.perrin

What musicians are you currently obsessed with?

I started religiously listening to Rihanna and I am digging her so much right now. Her new album is incredible. I also am loving DNCE. With such catchy melodies and lyrics, I can understand why they are blowing up! I do make sure to get my fair share of Keith Urban, John Mayer & Jack Johnson every day though. Another great band I have to add in here would be NEEDTOBREATHE. They are mind-blowing good! Let’s not forget about Coldplay though. All time favorite!

What concerts will you be going to this year? What are you putting on your list as a must see?

 I am planning on seeing a number of people this year in concert! I’m aiming to see City In Color, Demi Lovato, Drake, The Lumineers and Keith Urban when they perform at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. I am also making plans to road trip out to California in September to see the one and only Beyonce at Dodgers Stadium. It will be a check mark off the bucket list for sure! I’d love to see SIA in September in Seattle as well. She’s an incredible writer and musician!

What are you most excited about this year?

This year has been something else so far, that’s for sure! I have been really experimenting with all kinds of sounds in the studio, and I plan on making music this year based on exactly what I am feeling during the writing and producing process. So if I feel like making a pop inspired song, that’s what it’s going to be. If I feel inspired by a reggae feel, then I will try my darn’ best to learn the bongos within a short amount of time! I absolutely love country music, but this year I want to just create whatever comes to my mind and just roll with it! I’m open to creating all sorts of music.

Do you have any upcoming shows we should know about?

 At the moment I am focusing on another brand new EP, but I am testing out the waters & creating a new sound that I am so excited to share closer to the date. I will have some shows coming up closer to July & August that I will be posting on my social media accounts, as well as my website over the next few weeks! So just keep an eye out :)

If you could pick a fashion designer to dress you for an event who would you choose?

To be quite honest, I’d hands down love to have style blogger Alanna Durkovich (Xander Vintage) style me for every single event I ever attend. She’s got the most unique and funkiest style ever. She’s a mega-babe mom (koodos) and always looks ready to go. I’d love to be able to piece together outfits like she does. It’s magic, I swear.

I would imagine that singing or writing music is your happy place...what's your second "happiest place"?

My second “happy place” where I can find total peace of mind would have to be anywhere by the ocean. I have loved the ocean since I was a wee little one. I think I was about four years old when my mom and step-dad took my siblings and I to Hawaii on their honeymoon and we went on a boat tour through an area called “Turtle Town” and before my mom could life-jacket me up, I just jumped head first into the water. I wasn’t the best swimmer, but it was incredibly difficult for my parents to retrieve me from the dark depths of that ocean because from that point on wished I could have been some sort of human with gills, so I could never leave the water!  It’s safe to say the ocean is my second “happy place”. But I’ll be happy with a lake or a river as well.

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