Jamie De Leeuw (Eindhoven, NL)

Reading Dutch blogger Jamie DeLeeuw's website I came across a great quote, “Don’t know where to go in a city or country? Just ask Jamie!”  I was immediately drawn to The Girls Behind The Camera Blog for their nature-inspired locations, an incredible bohemian-style and a love of music festivals!  As a music lover myself Jamie is constantly inspiring me to daydream about playful road trips that will hopefully lead me in the direction of fabulous festivals.  After this interview I have certainly put a few more ideas on my travel to-do list (fingers crossed I can find the time to do some of them!)

Read on to find out more about Jamie who is one of the bloggers writing and styling for The Girls Behind The Camera.

You can follow Jamie on social media here: Instagram @jamiedeleeuw Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thegirlsbehindthecamera/

When did you start blogging?

When I was 12 years old, I made my own websites on MSN groups, kindertent and ImOnline. I also started my own crappy beauty blog! When I was 16 I bought my first DSLR camera and posted my work on several blogs I made with blogger. But when I met Silvy in the second grade of my study we deleted both our blogs and started The Girls Behind The Camera.

Where do you live?

I live in Geldrop a village nearby Eindhoven in The Southern Netherlands. My highschool was in Geldrop and I studied Interactive design in Eindhoven, so I never moved anywhere and I still live in Geldrop and I like being here! I can take my bicycle (yes like the typical Dutch) and in 10 minutes I can be standing in a beautiful nature area.

What do you love about Geldrop? Where should we go to eat/shop/visit if we came to your neighborhood as a tourist?

The only thing I like about my village is “de Strabrechtse Heide” a beautiful nature area. You should visit Eindhoven we also call it the "light and design city". Philips (the company) was started in Eindhoven. If you visit stop by; “Stadsbranderij” or “Coffeelab” for good coffee, “The Happiness Cafe” or “PIT” for a good lunch and for dinner you should visit “Vintage”.  Don’t forget to take a bus to Strijp S, there you can find the old Philips factories turned into shops like “Urban Shopper”, beautiful apartments and eat a delicious ice cream by “Intelligentia ice”. For parties you should go to “Stratums Eind” but only on a Friday or Saturday night around 12 am.

What is the next trip on your travel plan list?

I just came back from a road trip through Germany and it was awesome! But my next trip is Camp Wild in my own country, visiting Texel and going to Brugge a city in Belgium. Further I’ve planned a trip in September with my friend but we don’t know the destination yet.

What is your favorite festival in Europe? 

Tomorrowland! It was so awesome attending this big music festival. But also Wish Outdoor, Solar weekend, 7th Sunday are awesome... And did you hear that Burning Man is coming to my little country? Burning Man will organize a festival called “Where The Sheep Sleep” on the “Veluwe”.

Is there a Band or Musician you are currently obsessing over?

I still really love “First Aid Kit” they are amazing and I love their boho vibes.

What will your festival style look like this year?

Depends on the weather because it rains often here in The Netherlands. But when the sun shines I’ll wear my boho outfits... I just love boho outfits!

Do you have any tips for Canadians if we come to a European Music Festival? 

As I said before you should go to Tomorrowland in Belgium, in The Netherlands you should visit: Wish Outdoor, 7th Sunday, Solar weekend, Pinkpop, Flying Dutch (for the best Dutch DJ’s ), Smeerboel, Best Kept Secret Festival and Awakenings. In other European countries you should go to: Sziget Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Into the Valley and MELT!

If you could move or travel somewhere today where would it be and why? 

Canada or Australia. These countries are so pretty and peaceful! I always hear the people are kind and helpful. I really love the nature shots of these countries when I scroll through my Instagram feed, hopefully one day I can visit these countries.

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