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"The city thrives with creative people and I just love attaching strings to each of them in hopes of pulling them together to create something magical."

2016 has already been here for a month?! How is this even possible??!!  This winter was a rush of markets, friends & family, travel and general-holiday filled frenzy (my favorite kind!).  My studio mate Hailey Gerrits and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary in our cozy Gastown Studio this month and we were so thrilled to have new neighbors move into our building.  After having a moment of "instagram-fame" recognizing sisters Tegan & Lindsay from their lifestyles blog Treasures & Travels (one of my faves) I knew a Style Story about them would be so fun! 

Always a resource for crafty ideas, delicious recipes and all around super cute blog posts Lindsay and Tegan jumped into blogging full-time this year! I was thrilled to get to ask them questions for this feature... there is nothing I like more than meeting new people and I love seeing our creative community grow.  I asked them to tell us how it all started...

"We started working together 7 years ago, and to be honest, we had NO idea that the hobby of making feather earrings and selling them at music festivals, would lead to a full time business together. We started off with another friend, Bethany, as our business partner, and we sold jewelry as well as vintage clothing. Slowly with the way online marketing was going, and feather earrings were slowly going out of style, we jumped on the blogging train. When we started we really had no clue that blogging even had the potential to be a full time gig. Bethany left our blog to focus on her family about a year and a bit ago, and it has been Tegan and I ever since. We started working full time on our blog this September after jumping the gun and renting out our studio in Gastown. It was a huge shift in our career and we have been absolutely loving it."

 I absolutely loved this interview and learning about these creative souls.  I highly recommend following them on social media if you aren't doing that already!

Blog: Treasures & Travels, Instagram: @treasuresandtravels

Tegan and Lindsay are not only wearing Sarah Mulder Jewelry in this months feature but they are also wearing scarves by my favorite Vancouver scarf company Make More Happy.

Where did you grow up and did it have any influence on building a business together?

Tegan and I grew up in South Surrey in a giant old heritage home that our parents mistakenly painted bright pink. We lived on an acreage, and had lots of cats, dogs, and llamas. The llamas are always the animal that catches people off guard when we mention it. It was completely normal to us, growing up, anticipating a new llama being born, and fighting over who gets to name it. We spent our summers and weekends outside. Always off on adventures together and exploring, using our imagination. I think growing up with that was a big part of shaping the way we think and how we work together.

Both Tegan and I went to Bible school after we graduated. She spent 6 months in Australia, and I spent my time in New Zealand. Tegan then got married and traveled for a year around Australia with her husband. I spent 3 years touring and adventuring around in a van with a band called Behind Sapphire, all the while remaining connected to our blog. We have always loved documenting our trips, taking photos, and sharing our experiences. It was after Tegan came home from Australia that we decided to buckle down and put all our eggs in one basket and really go for it with blogging. Other than taking some short business courses, everything we know with the blog has been self-taught. 

I didn't know that you were both musicians!! Do you have any plans for future music projects?

 Tegan and I grew up in a musical home! We were always listening to records, our Mom LOVED the Carpenters and Amy Grant. Our grandma lived in the basement and taught us piano. When we were older we played on the church worship teams and from there, I picked up the guitar. It wasn't long after high school that I joined the band, and hit the road. Tegan and I have played a couple coffee shop shows together, and she has written some music with her husband Dan. You can check it out here! As for future endeavours, WE SHALL SEE! 

Tegan how did you come to sing with your husband? Music is such a beautiful thing to share together! 

It happened quite naturally actually, and also a funny story! Lindsay and I were playing our first (and only) coffee shop show together, and the day before, Lindsay had invited her friend Dan to come play drums for us. That is when I hung out with Dan for the first real hangout. We had so much fun and shared so many laughs together, it was quite the gong-show. We started dating a few months later, and he would write me songs. He would get me to sing on his songs, and eventually we started writing together. We have a couple albums and I love playing music with him although we haven't had time to lately with our 7 month-old daughter keeping us busy!

Lindsay according to your bio you have some strange obsessions (or maybe not so strange?? My confession is I also once stole a stop sign...shhhh don't tell.  I may have also "borrowed" a few others...I had a collection going!) What is your current obsession?

Haha! At the time, I was obsessed with this spoken word piece from Shane Koyczan called "Stop Signs" and in it he says "Your worth crossing whatever distance it would take. Worth building bridges to make a connection. Because I've been secretly stealing stop signs.. repainting traffic lines so I can only go one way. Because as far as I can tell, dedication is the better part of foreplay. and I admit it, I'm committed."

Ever since, I have had the desire to steal a stop sign, and on my tour in Montreal, the opportunity serendipitously appeared in front of my eyes and I had to. We were sitting in our van on the side of the road, waiting to load our gear into a venue, when, Hellooooooo! I saw a pile of stop signs sitting in the back of a construction truck. With a couple seconds of doubt that I quickly disregarded, I jumped out of the van, and into the back of the truck and stole the stop sign. It's travelled from eastern to western Canada, and I've had it ever since. 

Right now I have been obsessed with anything bright and shiny. We bought a disco ball for our apartment, and my room is filled with glowing bulbs and shiny journals. 

Do you have any Canadian made or locally made obsessions?

We love supporting local businesses! It's our favourite thing. We are in love with the Calgary based Campbrand Goods - You will find us in one of their sweatshirts almost every other day. We also loooove Frank & Oak. They started in Montreal and have branched out across Canada and also into the US. They are a men's retail store but we love how versatile it is and have found some amazing shirts and sweaters for ourselves. A Frank & Oak boutique just moved in across from our studio on Cordova Street (dangerous).

What is your favorite thing to do together....

In your new studio: Dancing around to music with Hazel. We take many impromptu breaks when a good song comes on and we try to get up and make Hazel laugh. One day she will get it and not just look at us like crazy people. 

While travelling: Coffee stops and lunch breaks! Haha, all about food. We love stopping at the random diners in the small random towns that look vacant. They always really do seem to have the "best pie in America" or the "Voted #1 Mac n Cheese". We always have such a great time and meet the sweetest people in these places.  

On a day off: Hang with family, usually watching movies, going for walks, or just being together with our nieces and nephews, probably dancing or playing games!

During a night in: wine, Mindy, chocolate. 

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