Posing In Vintage (Vancouver, BC)

"I see fashion as a tool for expression.  Like it or not we are judged based on our outward appearance.  I use fashion to send a message that I am a positive individual and I love life."

Slow Fashion is a movement that we are hearing more and more about, with a push towards sustainable, eco and ethical styling Vancouver Fashion Blogger Jasmine Zhu of Posing In Vintage has been living this movement for a long time, "My love for fashion blossomed when I was introduced to thrift shopping.   A thrift store is the perfect place for me to express my personality on a modest budget.  Before I know it, I just had to share my creations with the world." 

I asked Jasmine about her childhood and what she does besides hunting for great second-hand finds, "My other love is real estate and that's currently how I provide for myself.  I feel so fortunate that I can make money doing something I love and practice something else I love on the side.

I was born in China, a city that was dubbed "the city of the year long Spring" for having mild weather, much like Vancouver actually, which is probably why my parents ended up picking Vancouver as the city to move to when we all immigrated here.  We moved here when I was 11, language struggles aside, I grew to love my new home rather quickly. I grew up in China, an only child and I was raised by my grandparents.  My childhood consisted a lot of playing outside, minding my grandparents' chickens, eating farm fresh foods and biking with my dad."

I hope you enjoy reading more about Jasmine in this months Style Story!

A big thank you to Thomas Bullock for shooting Jasmine in this month's feature.

You wrote, “I am my canvas, and style is my paint brush”.  What does this tell us about you?

I see fashion as a tool for expression.  Like it or not we are judged based on our outward appearance.  I use fashion to send a message that I am a positive individual and I love life.  I also use it to regulate my mood.  There's nothing more uplifting than putting on a great piece of clothing and then accessorizing it perfectly. 

What do you see in the future for your blog?

My relationship with my blog has transformed a bit.  It will always be a part of my life and I love how it challenges me to be more creative with my outfits.  I can see that continuing in the future, my faithful creative companion.

Why were you drawn to vintage fashion?

 I was first drawn to vintage fashion because of the quality of the construction, the luxuriousness of the fabrics and the amazing colour combinations that so often adorned vintage garments.  However, the more I read about vintage fashion and shop for vintage fashion the more I realize fashion is cyclical.  There are so many styles that we embrace today, such as the shift dress that we were first introduced to in the 60's.  So now I just buy whatever I deem special and can be integrated into my existing wardrobe.

Is there a trend that went out of style that you are excited to find on the second-hand clothing racks?

I really want to find a great pair of bell bottoms.  Even though they seem to be coming back.  But I will be wearing those with exaggerated flats, which also seem to be coming back, or maybe they never left?

Readers will want to know what your favorite local vintage haunts are! What are your fave places to thrift in and around Vancouver?

I frequent Cest La Vie on Main Street, the owner has a keen eye and she picks the best vintage consignment pieces.  I love going to Talize in Delta for their dedicated vintage section but at thrift store prices.  The Value Village on Hastings also has great things. 

Most recent exciting find?

That would have to be these jewel tone button covers I got from a thrift store in New York.  They totally transform any outfit and can dressed up any button down.

Do you have a style icon?

There are too many amazing women out there to pick from.  I take bits and pieces from multiple individuals and just the general grand fabric that style is woven on.  I am more inspired by a shade of colour, or an amazing piece of jewelry than a particular person.

Do you have a dream city you would love to live in?

I absolutely love Vancouver! Every time I travel elsewhere I grow to love this city even more.  I still do want to see more parts of the world.  I want to spend a month in Europe to soak up the culture, another month in Asia to visit family etc.  I am such a glut for anything old and filled with stories.  But ultimately, I would still want to call Vancouver my home.

Jasmine is wearing...

First Look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Awakening Necklace as headpiece, Obscure Necklace & Faceted Metal Bead Necklace from Nifty for Fifty Sample Sale}

Black body suit {Aritzia}

Black platforms {Montreal find}

Purse {Vintage Bottega Veneta}

Second Look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Spiral Necklace as head piece, Awakening Necklace, Long Lines Necklace}

Green body suit {Aritzia}

Both shirts {Aritzia}

Floral platform shoes {John Fluevog}


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