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"...make style make cents; finding alternatives to pricier luxuries in life without sacrificing quality"


Meet Elizabeth Manuntag, twenty-something, fresh-faced and totally adorable, her blog The Style Saver is Vancouver's answer to our deal-finding prayers.  Dedicating herself to finding deals, lending fashion tips and still wearing quality products all while spending less is something most of us can admire. 

"I was born in Toronto, moved to Edmonton when I was 7, and have been in Vancouver for the last 5 years. I recently started in a new marketing position with a local real estate company called RentItFurnished.

I come from humble beginnings. I grew up in the city, raised by hard-working parents who appreciated the value of every dollar they earned and spent. It was my mother who loved a sale – the red tags, the clearance bins, the BOGOs, the additional-50%-offs. So it’s in my blood to immediately head for the sale racks, and pick apart the bargain bin to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. I’ve always loved shopping, but I never felt the need to buy anything at retail price if I didn’t absolutely have to."

As luck would have it Elizabeth was on her way to Coachella in April and decided to put together a style guide using her Sarah Mulder Jewelry.  Shot with Thomas Bullock in Vancouver this photoshoot filled my music festival daydreams, with a huge dose of West Coast beach vibes.  Totally perfect to transition us from Spring to's coming!!

Big thank you to Autumn Smith who did Elizabeth's hair and makeup for this shoot and Thomas Bullock for his perfect capture of this beautiful day!

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What didn’t you know the first year at Coachella that helped you plan for the 2nd year?

Do wear comfortable shoes. Ankle boots or Converses are always good bets for dancing around and walking the festival grounds in. Don’t go to the festival too early - unless one of your absolute must-see bands is playing early in the day, it’s too hot to be there all day. Also, ditch the backpack - dancing with one in a crowd is really annoying.

Take breaks and drink a lot of water! Music festivals are sensory overload - so much to see and do, but pace yourself. You can’t do everything in a 3 day span, so just relax and go at you own pace. Also, make sure you have a meeting place in case you lose your friends, and time-stamp your text messages because service will be spotty within the grounds. And have fun! The desert is a such a  beautiful backdrop to see your favourite artists, so enjoy it!

Favorite moment at the festival?

Dancing in the desert to The Weeknd with my best friend.

What’s next on your concert to-do list?

I feel like I haven’t fully experienced some of the great local venues we have here in the city so I’m hoping to seek out more BC bands and support them in smaller venues. I’d also like to go to a few more festivals, such as Bumbershoot in Seattle, Osheaga in Montreal, and Lollapalooza in Chicago.

BC is very different from the Palm Desert- what would you bring with you to Squamish Fest that you didn’t bring with you to Coachella?

Music festivals have the common thread of being crowded, noisy, and insanely hot so I wouldn’t pack too much differently from Squamish than Coachella, other than a sweater because Squamish is a bit chillier.

Favorite concert venue in Vancouver?

I love The Commodore for concerts.

There are so many Vancouver fashion shows/events now, do you have a favorite?

I recently went to my first Eco Fashion Week and loved it! The energy and vibe was amazing and the designers were very talented. I loved that everyone showcased sustainable looks down a runway in such a high-profile event. It really shows the incredible movement of eco-friendly fashion.

If there was one sale in Vancouver to attend what would it be?

There are so many awesome sales in Vancouver! A few that I would highly recommend: Plenty Warehouse sale (every Easter long weekend), Kersh warehouse sale (usually twice a year), and Gravity Pope warehouse sale (twice a year).

Best place to go for a deal?

Thrifting is always the best place for a deal- it’s amazing what people donate! Consignment shops in the city are also a great place to save.

Favorite piece in your current wardrobe that you got at a steal?

A printed thrifted skirt I got at a Value Village was one of my favourite steals. For $7.99 it was a fun, full skirt with a cute print. Couldn’t have asked for a better summer skirt!

Vegas or Camping? Vegas

Ocean or Pool? Ocean. Nothing beats the real thing.

Third Beach or Kits Beach? Third Beach

Gastown or Yaletown? Gastown. The eateries and cafes are really like nothing else in the city.

Sandwich or Wrap? Sandwich. Finches on Homer and West Pender St makes amazing sandwiches.

Zesty or Sweet? Zesty

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, hands-down. I had barista lessons in my old job because we had an espresso machine and am now totally hooked.

Scone or Croissant? Croissant. French-Made Bakery on Broadway and Kingsway makes the best ones I’ve tasted in Vancouver.

Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch? Breakfast - I can have it all day.

Main Street or South Granville? Main Street. I used to live in Mount Pleasant and would move back in a heartbeat!

Hiking or Jogging? Hiking

Heels or Flats? Heels. I want to say flats, but heels make me feel more confident for sure.

Mascara or Lipgloss? Mascara


Thanks Elizabeth for taking Sarah Mulder Jewelry on your trip and for being the May feature for Style Stories! Loved learning more about you xo

Elizabeth is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry Outfit #1 & 2 {Profit Necklace, Barter Necklace, Spiral Earrings, Awakening Bracelet} Outfit #3 & #4 {Barter Necklace mixed with two stacking necklaces preview for Fall 2015, Pyramid Studs}

Outfit #1

Hat {Forever 21}

Lace overlay robe {Value Village}

Black maxi dress {Plenty}

Outfit #2

shirt {Amuse Society}

boots {Plenty warehouse sale}

Shorts & Hat {Value Village}

Sunglasses {Forever 21}

Outfit #3
Top {Value Village}

Shorts {Winners}

Outfit #4

Jumpsuit {Plenty warehouse sale}

Hat {Joe Fresh}

Sunglasses {Forever 21}


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