Vintageena (Bucharest, RO)

"In the beginning I was insecure and I didn't know myself well.  My style was changing and my spiritual life was growing."

Romanian fashion blogger Gina Vadana, from Vintageena fashion blog, had me at first glimpse...a rock & roll vibe mixed with her bohemian, vintage flare captured my attention immediately.  I'm just thrilled that I was able to feature her this month for Style Stories and it was great to learn more about this fashion vixen.

"I was raised in a small city in Romania, called Piatra Neamț, a city surrounded with mountains. When I was a child I wasn’t into fashion much, I loved comfy clothes and sports… I use to collect tennis rackets cuz I was a tennis player. My passion for sports stemmed from my father who played professional football. But at 18 I moved from my hometown in the capital, Bucharest, to go to University. At that moment, my life changed for the better. When you move to a big city you meet new people, you have new ideas, and become a new you. I took Journalism and I worked as a TV producer. I was happy to work and make money, but at this phase in my life I am much happier."

Gina says her life changed when she met her boyfriend Alex, who is the man behind the camera, "Alex, my love, came into my life and changed my world. I was alive again! I changed my perceptions about life, I started doing things that I really loved: blogging and "fashioning", knowing myself better, cooking, singing, drawing, styling, learning programs like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere (for videos) and all these creative things. I thought that I was happy before, but I wasn't."

Her love of doing something "new and beautiful everyday" has sparked a new project #EUMASCHIMB (translation #IWILLCHANGE), "I love meeting new people, working on new projects, developing new ideas. Right now I'm pretty excited about our 1st national project, it’s a contest that consists of a complete makeover, hair, make-up, styling and photoshoot. It’s something small now, but we want to produce a series and see how it goes. We want to promote brave and colourful people, both male and female, and start a community with all these cool people."

Vintageena's enthusiasm and zest for life, adventure and spiritual connection is the perfect combination to bring fruition to new ideas like #EUMASCHIMB and I'm excited to see where this leads her in the near future.

A big thank you to Alex Benga for his gorgeous photography, show some love to him on his new Facebook Fan Page.

Check out this rad video that this duo shot during the Style Story shoot - I love it!!

What led to your love of fashion?

During university, I didn't have much money and I started thrifting. I loved it! I was surprised that in a vintage store, I could find soooo many beautiful, unique clothes with less money. I was really happy when my mom sent me money, I wouldn’t buy food or something that I needed, instead I would buy everything I loved from the vintage stores. The more types of clothes you wear, the more you start to figure out how this fashion thing works, how to combine and how to match things till you feel like a diva. I practiced, I made mistakes, but in the end I learnt the basics. And so my love for fashion began…

Tell us about Vintageena and why you love to blog...

I started in 2012, on Hype Up Your Day. I was doing a University project that became this journey. At the beginning I was insecure and I didn't know myself well.  My style was changing and my spiritual life was growing. As time went on I realized that I wanted to do this seriously. I bought the domain for my site and I started Vintageena in December last year. I'm proud of my work and hope Vintageena will continue with the same enthusiasm as before.

I love the music you pair with your writing, how do you choose the songs that you post?

I looove music so much. When I'm doing the blog posts, I listen to my fave playlist (Majestic Casual, Underground Charisma, Sound You Need, Willow Smith, Sza, Elliphant, MsMr, etc.), and I travel through the photos and write. I'm a spontaneous person and I like to improvise according to my status. If I feel a ‘lil bit sad, I choose a melancholic sound, and if I'm happy, all the songs feel happy to me. When I feel really creative, I play the piano with Alex and we write lyrics. I love this so much!


I know your birthday is this month! Happy Birthday!!  If you could put the perfect birthday together for yourself what would that look like?

It is in exactly 13 days! I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I'll be with my family, in Piatra Neamt because of the Easter holidays, and we'll have fun at my parents house, chilling with my dog Maya and with the beautiful nature there. The after party will be back in Bucharest in a cool pub, with good music and my closest friends. After some shots, we'll spend the night in a club dancing and partying till morning.

My Zen birthday party would be at a picnic, near a forest, eating fresh healthy salads and telling stories and having fun. I'm going to create a blog post on these 3 different birthdays, it will be fun!

Love your photos! Tells us more about how your boyfriend became your photographer...

We thank you! It all began when we first met. Everyday I was asking, "please, can you take a pic of me to post on insta".  Every time he took my photo he was unaware of what he was learning while he was doing this. And when his passion became a daily job, when people wanted Alex to take their photos, he realize his talent and now he's happy discovering and learning different techniques. I'm happy cuz we make an awesome team, he takes the photos and I do the post-production. We are an extra creative combo bomb! 


On your blog you posted a quote, “When you get close with someone, leave space between you.  Stay together, but don’t try to dominate each other.”   Do you think this philosophy of leaving space between you and your love ones could be applied to your other passions or other areas of your life?

That quote is by Osho, who is my spiritual teacher. He talks about every problem/situation in the world, and about love. He said we have to leave space between our lovers, and ourselves and I agree with this so much, because of this space our relationship grows everyday. Because I am I, he is he. We don't transform one another, we respect each other.

This philosophy can be used in all of our relationships. If you want to grow something, you have to accept the other and be yourself.

If you were a tourist in your own city what is your idea of the perfect day?

We’ve done this several times! We wake-up, dress-up and go explore Bucharest.  We start with a coffee in the Old City, where the buildings and the atmosphere is so alive despite that it is the old town area. After that, we'll go visit the museums, the botanical garden and have lunch at one of the restaurants near Herăstrău (it's one of the biggest parks in Bucharest, with a large lake in the center). After that we'll visit some designer's showrooms (we have pretty talented designers in Romania). After all these activities, the greatest joy is when we get home, Alex will cook me all sorts of goodies, and we'll watch TV and share our lives in a creative and beautiful way.

Future ambitions?

I want a beautiful cottage style house in the Swiss mountains with my buoy (he's from Switzerland). We want a cat and we are preparing a beautiful set-up for our next one (purring sound in my head!).  I want to travel and enjoy life as much as I can.

Gina is wearing:

1st Look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Traveller Quartz Necklace, Crescent Moon Necklace, Horizon Earrings, Triangle Quartz Necklace cutom length}

Dress {Choies}

Boots {H&M}

Sunnies {Choies}

Watch {Daniel Wellington}

2nd Look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Lyric Necklace}

Creepers {YRU}

Tank {River Island}

Leggings {White Elephant}

Watch {Casio}

Antlers {Carra Accessories}

Photo editing by Gina Vadana



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