Bethany-Sara Aeckersberg (Vancouver, BC)

"Writing has always been an extremely cathartic and purifying ritual of mine, and I wanted a chance to express that in a way that might inspire people to embrace their own freedom of expression"

Once you have visited Bethany-Sara's blog no truer words were ever spoken, I can get lost in the stories she writes about daily life.  As an artist I am a huge fan of descriptive words, the more the merrier, it creates a visual story in my head and quite often is the starting point for a lot of my paintings. I was so happy to get lost in the words and photos on, the moments she writes about are light-hearted and often comedic (which I also love), and paired with the photography of the very talented Michaeline Moore it was a perfect combo. My heart did a leap when I saw these photos from their shoot for this month's Style Story feature.  They perfectly captured the adventureous West Coast Spirit in this gentle, feminine shoot.  Upon her recent move to Vancouver Bethany Sarah wrote “we are not built for the mundane patterns that are engrained into our beings…we are created to explore, and to discover”, I couldn't agree more and I can't wait to see what adventures she gets up to this year!

"I was born and raised in Kelowna British Columbia, which makes me a beach baby at heart, and I’ve always loved spending days at the lake soaking up that Okanagan sunshine. I absolutely love travelling and have ventured through Europe as well as lived in China for a year teaching English. I think that culture is such an inspiring thing and can really open our minds to beautiful perspectives that we may not have been exposed to before. I just moved to Vancouver this past December, but I’m already blown away by all the incredible people I’ve met and the awesome places that Van has to offer! Right now I feel like a giddy little kid at Disneyland because of all of the exciting things to do and opportunities to explore.

Right now I’m trying to go on as many adventures as possible. Whether it’s exploring a neighborhood of Vancouver that I haven’t been to, or climbing up a mountain, I want to see it all!! My long-term venturing goals consist of buying a camper van and driving down the West Coast and then swinging over into the South West and spending some quality time in the desert. For some reason the cacti have been calling me and I must go! So if anyone has a similar dream, hit me up, let’s create an adventure convoy."

You can follow along with Bethany-Sara's journey on social media @bethanysaraa or on Tumblr

Big thank you to Michaeline Moore who captured this beautiful shoot, find her on instagram @michaelinmoore

You’ve described Vancouver as an “Interactive Sensory Overload” I love this because in the grand scheme of the world we are such a small city.  Tell us about your move from the Okanogan and what you have discovered since living here. 

The Okanagan was a little pocket of awesomeness for sure, but Vancouver is just so much more expansive and unsuppressed. It’s a beautiful thing waking up in the morning and having the option to go explore something I’ve never seen before. The fact that Kelowna is my hometown makes it feel as though I know all the little nooks and crannies like the back of my hand, where as here, the habitual patterns of comfortable living that Kelowna provided have been turned upside down and I’m presented with a wonderfully blank slate. Sometimes the largeness of it all overwhelms me, but that’s life, and it’s been feeling really incredible to challenge myself in that way, to make room for growth. The fashion game is SO on point here, I can’t even get over it. Not in the sense of fashion so much as style. I’ve found that people here are so willing to be themselves, and to really explore their own identity through the means of style, art, and pure expression.

What has changed since you started your blog if anything?

When I started my blog, I was really just using the whole fashion thing as an excuse to create a platform for me to spill my thoughts into something tangible. Writing has always been an extremely cathartic and purifying ritual of mine, and I wanted a chance to express that in a way that might inspire people to embrace their own freedom of expression. Since then my website has been in continual evolution and it’s cool because it’s really allowed me to delve into my love for photography and styling and baking. I guess, all in all, I just want to share the things that I find beautiful in this world in hope that the people reading it will get out there and be inspired to find their own definition of beauty.

Where do you see your blog going from here?

Honestly, I’m hoping that I can narrow my interests down into a general theme, because right now I feel as though I’m jumping from curiosity to curiosity like a frog on speed, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing because it’s been giving me the chance to obtain some clarity about what it is I’m truly passionate about. I guess my plan is to be easy, evolve with it, see where this adventure leads and document the journey!

Super broad question...what inspires you to write?

There are so many things that inspire me to write! Things like human interaction, to each other, to nature, and to our own existence really drive me to create. I feel as though a lot of what I write is a personal reflection of trying to sort out my own mindset at the time. Like, if I’m feeling a certain way it’s almost necessary that I transcribe it into words for the sake of understanding it. Other times I just have this strange or comical idea that I want to explore in which case I’ll hash it out into words.

If you were going to describe your happy place to us, what would that look like?

It would have to be brilliantly warm, and teaming with hues of tropical colors, like the sparkling turquoise of ocean water, creamy beige of sandy shores, and the sunlit emeralds of palm trees and ferns. Birds would be crooning in the background and I would probably most likely have a margarita in my hand. Most definitely. Let’s just throw a hammock into the works while we’re at it.  I would be surrounded by my favorite people and we would run around searching for coconuts and pineapples, splashing about in the ocean, and have rich conversation about everything under the sun. There wouldn’t be a worry in sight.

Was there a reason you were drawn to the jewelry that you chose for this shoot?

I was completely infatuated with the jewelry I chose for this shoot because of its mystical qualities. I love quartz so very much; I find it very energizing and grounding. The moon is also this fascinating obsession of mine, the way that it contains the power to change the tides and the water that exists in our own bodies is proof of how intrinsically connected we are to it. I’m just so in love with all your pieces though, and it was so tough to narrow it down!

Spring is approaching what is on your must-have list this Spring?


A bad-ass vintage leather jacket, and as many summer dresses I can get my hands on!


Worst Person Ever by Douglas Coupland

Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

Against Interpretation and Other Essays by Susan Sontag


This pour over coffee maker from Old Faithful Shop

This Lunar Moon calendar from Nouvelle Nouvelle

This record player from Urban Outfitters

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Bethany-Sara is wearing:

Ocean look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Traveller Necklace, Large Crescent Moon Necklace}

Black Dress {Babaton, Aritzia}

Grey Cardigan {Noul}

Forest Look:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Horizon Earrings, Compass Necklace, Compass Bracelet}

Sweater {Noul}

Shoes and dress {Vintage}

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