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"I have lived on the West Coast in Victoria, my whole life and wouldn't have it any other way.  I love it here."


Kai Mundigler is a true West Coast girl or as Vancouverites would say, she's an "Islander".  I've known about Kai and her enthusiams for Victoria BC since I started my jewelry company two years ago, she has become one of my biggest supporters and I'm lucky to have her as a fan.  This Style Story is the perfect blend of style and travel for anyone who might want some advice on where to go and what to do in Victoria.  Kai Mundigler's Blog StyleFeed Victoria is a lifestyle blog that features many of the talented designers, businesses and places that her city has to offer, "I like to show my support for my friends, their businesses and let people know where they can find great deals and amazing things.  I started StyleFeed Victoria in 2011, it was just an idea and I decided to go with it, I like to show why Victoria and the community rocks!  My blog has taken me to great places, I have met so many amazing people, helped with charities, fundraisers, fashion shows and events all around town.  I've won awards (Best Local Blog in 2013) and have been nominated for others, it's really humbeling to know that other people like what I do, but mostly I do it because I like it and I do it for fun!"

Kai has been one of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of corresponding with and I am very much looking forward to a visit with her when I get over to Victoria sometime this year.  A big thank you to Kai for being my August Style Story and forkeeping us up to date with the happenings going on in our beautiful Capital City.  Can't wait to breath some fresh Island air with you soon!

Why is your blog important to you and what is your favorite part about it?

Besides sharing what I love with my fans, my Friday Favorites are probably my favorite thing about my blog. I think it's fun to be out and about during the week and get caught up with something and think I need to put that in this weeks’ Friday Favorites.

We need to know…when we come to Victoria what are your favorite places to visit?

Be Love Cafe is one of my favorite organic cafes. They have an amazing sustainable, organic cuisine and they take pride in sourcing the local ingredients that they use. They also have the most amazing cheesecake (non-dairy & gluten-free).

Lark & Sparrow Boutique is a great place to get new and vintage inspired outfits. Willow carries extremely well made items that are unique and soulful.

Head Over Heels is my favorite shoe boutique. Niomi takes great pride in finding the best of the best for her customers. She has brands that consider the environment while giving back to their communities. And she has brands that she knows her customers will love.


One of my favorite surf shops to pick up dresses and accessories is Quiksilver. They carry Roxy brand clothing, which I love because it's comfortable and great for layering and it has a West Coast feel.  The staff at this shop are wonderful, friendly, and know their surf style...they know me by name now... Ssssshhhh!!

Looking for flowers? Rook & Rose Floral Boutique has it all!  Beautiful, sweet, romantic... they have everything at amazing prices and will wrap it up with care!

Big Wheel Burger is THE place to get a burger!   They use local ingredients and you can taste it!  The substance and care that goes into a hamburger (yes a HAMBURGER) is incredible!

Dallas Road, along Beacon Hill Park is a great way to spend an afternoon. You are right on the ocean and there are usually people flying kites, running with their dogs, scuba diving, wind surfing...pretty much anything you can think of doing happens along Dallas Road.  While you're there the Beacon Drive Inn has the BEST soft serve ice cream!  Take a walk down Ogden Pointe to the lighthouse to see a beautidul view and discover some ocean wild life such as big starfish and seals.

There are so many great places here in Victoria, I want to share them all but... Just come and visit!

What is your favorite go-to sunny outfit?

On a sunny day the first thing I would reach for in my closet would be a sun or maxi dress. Right now, my favorite is one I picked up from The Bay Centre by Roxy.  Next, I would grab my Birkenstocks, my Karma light weight, yoga, infinity scarf from Breathe Athletics (I live right by the ocean and it can get a bit cool) and my fringe leather bag. Of course I will be jingling with locally made trinkets (mostly from you, Sarah Mulder Jewelry).

Tell us about the trends in Victoria, even though it’s a short ferry trip from Vancouver we don’t always get over there as much as we would like!  How would you describe Victoria’s fashion scene?

Vancouver Island has a very eclectic style from casual bohemian-chic to suits and pencil skirts, it really depends on where you are.

What do you think are the most important “investment” items in clothing?

Leather boots!  Living here you can typically wear boots all year long.  In the Summer pair them with denim shorts or a dress, in the Fall with a skirt and a cozy sweater, or in the Winter with skinny jeans, warm layers or a jacket!

What was your favorite trend from the past year?

If I had to choose a favorite trend from this past year, it would have to be braids. They are everywhere from the runway and photo shoots to magazines and in the streets. Romantic, boho, messy, textured, chic, on the side and as a crown, you can't go wrong with a braid!

Why were you drawn to the Sarah Mulder Jewelry pieces that you chose to shoot with?

I wear Sarah Mulder Jewelry because I like the way I feel when it’s on. The pieces have a story, are made with love and are so unique looking that people stop and tell me how lovely they are with a smile!  If I could wear it all, I would but that would be a little extreme!  I’m drawn to the gypsy jingling sound of the coin necklace, I find myself wearing that piece just about everyday! I chose the Scarab and Quartz Necklaces because I really like their nomadic feel, I have been to Egypt and they just felt right. 

Kai is wearing:

Look 1: Tank {H&M}, Yoga Pants {Karma from Breathe Athletics}, Crescent Moon Necklace {Sarah Mulder Jewelry}

Look 2: Capri Pants, Tank & Sweater {Roxy}, Scarb Necklace & Crescent Moon Necklace {Sarah Mulder Jewelry}

Look 3: Leopard Print Sweater {INC Collections}, Capris Pants {Roxy}, Sandals {Birkenstocks}, Fringe bag {H&M}, flowers {Rook & Rose Floral Boutique}, Visions Necklace {Sarah Mulder Jewelry Fall/Winter 2014}

Look 4: Dress & Hat {Roxy}, Fringe bag {H&M}, Sandals {Birkenstocks}, Coin Necklace {Sarah Mulder Jewelry}

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