(Vancouver, BC)

“The thing about street style is that it’s less about trend collecting and more about character.”

Sabrina & Jeremy are the wife and husband team behind StreetScout.Me a dynamic blog featuring fashionable people in the most casual of ways, on the street in their day-to-day.  Their street style blog features anyone that catches their eye that they have happened upon,

“I always had a thing for street style. I still remember carting my point and shoot camera around and stopping strangers on the streets of Montreal. The pictures were for a friend’s magazine (that never launched) but it’s where it all began. StreetScout.Me was meant to be, but it took a little push and shove from my boyfriend of the time – and now husband – Jeremy for me to finally launch it. As we started the blog, our roles in it naturally evolved; Jeremy was really strong on the technical side and has been amazing at taking all our photography. I’m stronger on the communication side, so I’ve handled all the blogging, social media and partnership development. We really are a dynamic duo and it’s a lot of fun to share our passion together!”

They are constantly entertaining me with their candid captures of the everyday wardrobe and I'm thrilled to feature Sabrina in Style Stories this month. 

Thank you to Jeremy Levy, for his photography for this feature

You can follow their adventures in the social media world here: @streetscoutme

Have you had any super memorable moments stopping people on the street to take their pic?

It’s hard to think of just one but the most memorable moments are definitely the ones where strangers are super flattered, humbled or excited that we’ve stopped them. It really makes my day when we’ve made someone else’s that much brighter.

When Jeremy was shooting behind the scenes with Facehunter last summer, he got stopped by a girl that recognized him as StreetScout.Me. It’s always super humbling when people recognize us and stop to talk to us.

Fave person you have ever stopped and what made you stop?

Once we were driving in our neighborhood and we spotted these two girls with really over-the-top style. You don’t see this a lot in Vancouver (unless you are standing outside of Fashion Week) and so we had to stop them. We immediately pulled over in our car and asked to take their photo. Turns out they were bloggers just starting out so we ended up collaborating with them on multiple shoots afterward.  

Is there something you have seen on someone recently that has made you want to stop everything and run out to add it to your wardrobe?

J Brand jeans with the perfect crop…Alexander Wang Chelsea boots …the perfect fitting tee. I love adding classic items that I can never tire of to my wardrobe…including these quartz pieces by you!  They pair perfectly with almost everything I own.

Fave festival you have ever been to and any travel plans this year to take StreetScout.Me on the road?

Festival season is always a big deal for Jeremy and I. We both love music and festivals are an amazing opportunity to capture some seriously stylish people. Our favourite festival to date is Osheaga, which is held in Montreal. I miss riding our scooter to the festival because it was that close to our house. Now that we live in Vancouver, we normally go to Squamish Festival, which is always a nice opportunity to hang out with friends. This year we plan to attend Pemberton Festival (lineup pending).

Any festival you really want to attend but it hasn’t happened yet?

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella! Soon, I hope… I’ve also been oddly obsessed with attending Glastonbury after watching Arcade Fire’s performance of Wake Up all the way back in 2007. The crowd was just electric and you could tell the band was feeding off of it because they were so alive too. I still watch that video on repeat simply because the energy is magnetic, even through my computer!

What would be in your suitcase this year if you packed up for a festival?

I always want to be more comfortable than I predict, so flat boots or sneakers are a must. Getting stomped on isn’t an option and coming home with dusty shoes is very much guaranteed. You will probably find me in denim shorts and a tee or swimsuit and sundress. A cross-body bag, sunnies and sunscreen are musts. Jeremy always packs the camera and a big blanket for us to sit on.


As a newly married couple how do the two of you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

Aside from festivals we rarely get out to see live shows these days, so I would love it if he surprised me with tickets to something fun…hint, hint ;) No seriously, we don’t go all-out cheesy on Valentine’s Day but we often use it as an opportunity to share quality time together, no matter what it is. This year I do kinda feel like a date night so we will see what happens.

What is your favorite thing in Jeremy’s closet that he wears? And what is his favorite item in your closet that you wear?

My favourite thing in Jeremy’s closet right now is his classic Club Monaco crest sweatshirt …oops, I mean mine but I gave it to him. My high school bestie bought it for me in the men’s section and while I love rocking men’s cuts every now and then, this really didn’t fit. That Club Monaco crest is so reminiscent of high school and the sweatshirt looks so cool on him!

Probably Jeremy’s favourite thing in my closet – at least of the moment – are my insanely sparkly jeans. I got them from Style Moi for NYE and they are just super fun. They are my favorite item right now too.

Any upcoming trends for men that you (or Jeremy) are excited about for Spring?

To be honest, we probably don’t follow trends as much as most do. Of course to a certain extent and it’s difficult not to be influenced by them when you are shopping or perusing online but looking and feeling great however you decide to do it is more important.

The thing about street style is that it’s less about trend collecting and more about character. The style part is important too…they just need a little je ne sais quoi!

Sabrina is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Wrapped Black Quartz Necklace, Horizon Necklace and Faceted Studs}

Denim & Plaid Shirt {Zara}

Motorcycle Jacket {Topshop}

Tee {LNA Pia}

Booties {Aldo}

Watch {Daniel Wellington}

Gloves {Free People}


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