Rouua (Medias, RO)

“I need to grow to understand what I want and just have fun with the things I enjoy such as nature, art and photography.”

Vancouverites have it easy it’s +3 degrees out, sunny, and clear on New Years day.  In Romania it is -10 and when 21 year old Stefania Ghionea, Romanian style blogger planned her Style Story photoshoot it was -27 and snowing “like crazy”.  I was so excited to collaborate with Stefania on this feature, this is the first European Style Story and it is the perfect way to ring in 2015!

Currently studying Geological Engineering and spending time working on self-growth, Stefania is learning about the things that make her most happy in her blogging, her learning and her life.  After receiving lots of free clothes from companies and sponsors Stefania started to question what she was wearing and promoting,

“Blogging started with a crazy desire to express my style.  In a small town like Medias you have to stick within the rules of other people's ideas of fashion so you don’t get laughed at, posting on and my blog Rouua (meaning Dew in Romanian) were ways to express my true style.  I started to slowly transform blogging into a small business, but began to question if I truly liked what I was wearing. I felt like receiving a lot of free clothes began to change the way I dressed and I suddenly stopped posting and began to be very selective about what I featured.  I couldn’t pretend to be something I’m not just for the sake of receiving free clothes that I wouldn’t even consider purchasing myself.  Now I prefer to hand pick my collaborations and to post rarely even if it’s not bringing in what it use to but to be happy because the content I post represents something I believe in.”

Where were you born and what do you have planned for the future?

I was born in a small town in Romania called Medias, I lived for 4 years in Montreal Canada and came back to Medias for my high school.  Now I live in Cluj Romania, one of the biggest cities here, full of students and life.   I am planning to work on my Masters Degree in The Netherlands and I am really open-minded about living wherever life takes me.


I've never been to Romania and I would love to know more about it!

Romania is a truly beautiful country we have untouched wild life and old villages.  Some people have lived their entire lives by their ancestor’s rules, in their old homes never thinking about what they haven’t seen.  I can always come back here, into the wild and find that place we all need and search for called home. Our cities all have gorgeous architecture and culture but they are not a place to remain forever.  I personally prefer the countryside to city life.  The city is beautiful but I find that the mentality of people is not the same as mine, and the way that I want to live.  Sadly this is what is pushing me farther away.

You are going through some changes on your blog, what is the focus of your blog now and how might that change in the future?

Right now my rules are: post only what feels right , what I truly believe in, and what I love.  I try to keep the writing minimal because I feel like photographs rarely need words for people to understand. For the future I really just want to have more time to post, post, and post what inspires me. For the past year I didn’t have a lot of time to do this and it’s a big regret of mine.

Do you have anyone that influences or inspires you or your style?

I like to get inspired by our traditional wear, you will often see me wearing something from our traditional costumes. I gain other inspiration from The Sartorialist or good quality street style blogs.  I always get so enthusiastic when I find talented Romanian designers. A really talented artist and designer Lana Balana creates the perfect pieces that combine Romanian culture with a modern touch, she is someone who brings me great inspiration.  

What will you be letting go of this year from your closet & what is your "must have" item to add?

I don’t really follow trends but one thing I personally want to leave out of my closet are leggings. They are so comfortable and easy to dress but they are a big NO. My must have...well I am dreaming of getting myself the oh-so-cool Adirondack Performance UGG boots, Uggs  are my guilty pleasure and always will be!  I'd also like to add a cute fake fur coat (always fake).  I’ve been staring at one for some time now.

When you're not blogging what are you doing in your spare time?

Photography, hiking, digging for fossils or minerals, exploring the wild parts of my country, or just enjoying time with my family.  Reading has always been a great pleasure of mine but I feel like I always have something else to do now.

Why were you drawn to the Sarah Mulder Jewelry that you chose for this feature?

I was drawn to Sarah Mulder Jewelry because it combines the two great loves of my life: rocks and simplicity. I find the pieces truly beautiful, they express my style perfectly and they represent me. They show the outside world what I am on the inside, something that is so difficult to do.  

A big thank you to Stefania for being my first feature for the New Year and for kicking off the many Style Stories to come! Thank you for making my jewelry look so beautiful!  Happy New Year!!

Stefania is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Shimmy BraceletLasercut Disc Necklace with Amethyst, Wrapped Quartz Necklace}

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