Ride or Die (Vancouver, BC)

"Ride or Die simply means to ride the wave or die trying. No matter what ups or downs you experience with someone, you'll decidedly get through it together.  We want to eat, sleep and breathe fashion and we want to do it together."

Meet Jordyn McClelland & Sharai Grant, two very different women, with two very different styles, who make up the team behind the fashion Blog Ride or Die.  The girls met in 7th grade and quickly became inseparable.  These days the duo dream about spending their days shopping, blogging and traveling together, "We would love to collaborate with different clothing lines, and surround ourselves with creative people that share our passion...with lots of hard work, and a bottle of wine, who knows where it will take us."

I agree a bottle of wine, hard work and a dream is sometimes all you need to create something amazing.  I'm so excited to be able to feature Ride or Die on my blog.  A big thank you to Melissa Wong Photography for shooting my March Style Story feature.

What's in the name of your blog? Tell us about Ride or Die & why you started your blog...

This is a simple phrase that has huge meaning to Jordyn, myself and the third person in our triangle, Sam (who now lives in Ontario). Although Jordyn and I are both very outspoken people with strong opinions, we rarely fight.  Over the years, we've all all taken different paths. Jordyn went away dancing on a cruise ship for a year, Sam went to university away from home for four years and I did an intensive, one-year, program, where I barely had time for anyone. But no matter the distance between us, or the time we spent apart, we always kept each other "in the loop" and have made a point of being a main part of each others lives - from near or far.

Fashion is a huge love that we both share and obsess over. We both wanted the opportunity to express our passion with others and this was just another wave we wanted to ride together.  At its core, we just wanted to develop a fashion blog that was different from the others.

You each have very different styles how do you decide on the content of your blog, do you collaborate on everything?

Our different sense of style was the perfect platform to base our blog off of. Everybody has a different idea of what looks good and we didn't want to stray from that fact. Week to week, we agree on statement pieces, simple accessories or an article of clothing that we use as our "feature item". We each make an outfit surrounding the item and we never tell each other what we're going to wear. Having it a surprise until we show up to the shoot is the best part. Usually it plays homage to how different we are as fashionistas, but sometimes it makes us realize how universal a white tee and jeans are, when we show up wearing the same thing.

Having two people as part of one blog is what makes it so seamless for us. I am a huge tech nerd and deal with all the coding, posting and picture editing and Jordyn is more creative, writing the posts and picking out the feature items.

So, I guess in the end, everything we do is part of a collaboration and we're lucky that that works out so well for us.

 How would you describe your personal style?

Jordyn loves colours, heels and patterns. She styles herself day to day based on her mood and the weather. Shes a girly girl, with a love for dresses and skirts, but she also loves the comfort of her sneakers and skinny jeans. I don't think you can put a title on Jordyn's sense of style, because once you think you're grasping the idea of it all, she puts on something totally unexpected and makes it look effortless. I guess she's unpredictable.

I, on the other hand, am completely predictable. I love the elegance and simplicity of neutral colours and I'm always pairing my black with black . I swoon over gorgeous denim, staple purses and classic heels. I love pairing a casual jean and tee with a structured jacket and a beautifully tailored boot. I guess you could call my style "classic and simple".

You were given the challenge to choose the same Sarah Mulder Jewelry pieces for this shoot, how did you decide which pieces to go with?  Were you both initially drawn to the same pieces or did you have to fight for certain items? 

We are both into simple pieces that are easy to layer. When we were picking out items, every simple chain with a pendant drew our attention. There were some items I would have loved to feature, like the fishbone bracelet and necklace. But, we had to make sacrifices aka Jordyn usually wins the battles. All of the pieces were lovely, we just went with the ones we could see ourselves wearing on a day-to-day basis, both layered and individually.

What articles are on your must have list this year and is there any trends you are letting go of?

Any fashion lover knows the essential "must  have" list is literally endless and always growing. As of right now, pastel jackets, mini cross-body bags, and strappy heels are at the top of our wish lists for the Spring season.

We are both extremely open to idea that style is universal and you can rock anything with just the right amount of confidence and finesse, but we wouldn't be upset if platform shoes were to disappear indefinitely.

Do you have any places that you shop all the time on-line or in person?

Jordyn's favorite online shops are ASOS, Shopbop and the Outnet. Other than that, she can find items she loves pretty much anywhere.

I spend most of my time gawking at Balmain and Givenchy, but spend most of my money at Artizia and Zara.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?

This is a toughy. Fashion is such a fast-paced industry. There are many inspiring fashion icons, and they’re constantly changing. Right at this moment, if we each had to pick one; Jordyn would pick Miroslava Duma for her elegant and girly styling and her ability to pull off anything with perfection. And I would have to go with Elin Kling. Everything she wears is simple and stunning.

What is it about fashion that makes you want to write about it?

If we're being honest, writing about it is our least favorite part. We find joy in spending time in our closets, styling our outfits and pairing together our day-to-days. We write about our outfits to explain our process, but the actual process is what drives our passion.

Both women are wearing the following Sarah Mulder Jewelry pieces:

Long Simple Ball Chain Necklace

Long Paper Airplane Necklace (coming S/S 2014)

Bling Cube Necklace

Faceted Studs

Jordyn is wearing:

Bag {Marc by Marc Jacobs}

Hat {Juicy Couture}

T-Shirt {Chaser}

Leather Jacket {Mackage}

Skirt {Merona}

Heels {Zara}


Sharai is wearing:

Skirt {Zara}

Heels {Aldo}

Sweater {Talula}

Jacket {Wilfred}

Tights {Steve Madden}

Bag {Rebecca Minkoff}

Sunglasses {Tom Ford}


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