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Her Facebook profile about section simply reads, “If you like bunnies you’re invited”...she had me at bunnies

Pouncing into my studio with caffeine in-hand I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Janelle for the first time this April, meeting her was a breath of fresh air.  Some blogs I follow for the writing, sometimes for the photos but the reason I return to Natt’s? The shear quirkiness…I love it- it’s carefree, youthful and it’s totally 100% HER…and I keep going back cus I like it there, it feels like an on-going postcard from my grade 5 pen-pal(ok weird analogy I know! But I had a pen-pal that I never lost touch with, and I loved getting mail from her, and Natt’s blog just gives me that feeling again!! I had to share!).

I love that NAways captures spontaneous moments and I’m always really curious to see what she will post each week (she’s too cute!). I asked Natasha to tell me more about her style of blogging…

I feel like it's quite different from others because the content can be so random and sporadic. And I don't always have a pre-thought out idea of each post. Sometimes I’ll just begin writing and let it flow from there… It’s something I find pleasure in definitely.

I was also shocked to find out that Natasha has an amazing voice, she was classically trained in music throughout high school and then after graduating studied musical theatre.

My three years of musical theatre schooling was no doubt the most challenging and life-changing years I’d experienced, so I don’t regret it. However, I feel like my heart belongs to jazzy/soul/r&b music. I hope to be able to pursue my music sometime in the near future. I am just as passionate about singing as I am about style. 

Head to Natasha's instagram account to listen to some of her candid clips, and read on to find out more about the woman behind the blog NAways.

Big thanks to Matt Bourne who photographed Natasha for this feature, I love his photography and I'm sure you will fall in love with it too!

How did you get involved with fashion? 

Hmm... my sister? Growing up we were constantly borrowing/stealing clothes from each other and critiquing each other's style, ha! We both tried out modeling in our younger years and we both began blogs (hers shortly after mine). Also, our aunt is a fashion designer in LA, and we always looked up to her in a fashion-career sense.

Why did you want to write about fashion? 

It wasn't really "fashion" itself that I wanted to write about. Perhaps in the very beginning when I started up naways. But it's become much more of a (life)style blog for me. I'll post anything from Instagram photos, creative/collaborative shoots, inspirational quotes, music and photos I find from other blog sites or tumblr. I wanted to write because it’s something that I’ve always been invested and interested in. It’s a way for me to get my ideas out and to share pieces/outfits/quotes/THINGS that catch my eye. Fashion is always changing; which is a good and bad thing. For me, I see it as a bad thing financially, ha! But in a positive perspective it forces us to be creative and to always be on our toes… It’s both stressful and stimulating.

How did you come up with the name NAways?

NAways is a name I came up with when I created it like 5 or 6 years ago with my friend.  She ended up dropping out of the blog a few months after but I continued it and kept the name cause I thought it was quirky.


How would you describe your style and are there any items this summer that you neeeeeed to own?

My style changes slightly from season to season. I think the most drastic crossover was last summer to fall. I went from bright pops of color to practically all black. Slowly I began adding some grey, white, beige and navy into outfits. I felt the “all black everything” everyday was becoming a little monotonous for my bipolar sense of style. Currently I’m into neutral colors and pieces that are simple and versatile. I’m trying to add more jewelry into my outfits while still maintaining my minimalist… self.

Why were you drawn to the jewelry that you styled for this shoot? 

I love the crystal pieces. As I look at my jewelry collection right now I’d say a solid portion has a “crystal/rock” theme going on. And the moon necklaces are simple and dainty. I wore the longer moon necklace backward in one of my looks from the shoot because I wanted to exemplify how necklaces don’t always have to hang down your front! And lastly, anklets- an accessory that I tend to forget about (probably because they’re more noticeable in the summer time when I’m bearing my legs)… They make your ankles look so dang good!  

What is your go-to piece in your wardrobe? Is there anything that you can’t leave home without? 

My black tunics were the basis of all my outfits during this fall/winter season. They are the best for layering! I was working at Oak + Fort at the time and, I gotta give it to them, they’re great if you’re looking for clean, simple pieces. As for when I’m leaving the house, I always carry my natural color lipstick, “Mehr” from MAC cosmetics. That lipstick is like candy for my lips. I went through that baby in about 3 months!

Who is a fashion blogger that you think we should all keep our eyes on? 

Recently I came across a post of Gilda Ambrosio on Hypebeast. I really don't know how well-known she is (and whether or not I'm just completely out of the loop here), but her style sense is fab. I believe she's a fashion designer as well? I also just recently met a local designer/blogger who is currently residing in Vancouver: Melissa Araujo. Her style is so aesthetically pleasing- clean, fresh... tasteful. 

What is in the future for NAways?

For the future, I hope to continue NAways in a similar style that it is but to add more collaborative and exciting content and to always strive to inspire all those who come across it.

Natasha is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Luxe Quartz Necklace (Fall collection 2014) + Small Crescent Moon Necklace + Nomad Bracelet (Fall collection 2014) + Large Crescent Moon Necklace + Fishbone Chain Bracelet + Shimmy Bracelet custom fit for anklet + Star Bracelet custom fit for anklet}

Black ruffled crop top {8th & Main}

Nude Pants {Zara}

Black Pants {Zara}

Grey crop top {American Apparel}

Grey tank dress {Oak + Fort}

Black  open cardigan {Tienda Ho}

Black sandals {Zara}

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