Jessica Luxe: Part 2 (Vancouver, BC)

You've seen her image splashed all over my social media feed and website and I'm so excited to feature Part 2 of my collaboration with Jessica Luxe for my May Style Story!  It feels like such a long time ago that I first met fashion blogger Jessica Luxe...but in reality it was only 7 short months ago.  A lot has happened since then and I’m so happy to share this amazing photoshoot shot by Kim James Photography in downtown Vancouver.  I asked Jessica what she had been up to since our very first collaboration for my Style Stories feature and in Jessica’s words it has been a whirlwind!

          "I've started doing fashion-based social media consulting, which helps companies establish/maintain their online presence through a number of different, creative ways. I had so much fun working with my most recent client that I'm hoping I'll be able to expand it to an international level and be able to travel!  I'm a big dreamer.

Since I'm both fashion and social media obsessed, I've created 2 new categories on my website for like-minded readers: social media and fashion articles. I contribute, but I'm mostly looking for funky guest writers, so I'm currently open to submissions! if you're interested in writing a fun article about either subject.

I've been using the hashtag #LUXEonthego lately because I feel like I'm either at a shoot, school or fashion event and it's fun using personalized hashtags to connect with your readers.

I have the entire summer ahead of me and I'm planning lots of brand work, photoshoots and if I'm lucky, some down time on the beach. ps, I just got my final marks in from this term and.. I passed!"

xx, Jessica Luxe

This shoot was recently featured on Assignment Fashion check out their take on our shoot here.

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