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It is her ultimate dream to live in a little apartment in New York City and to work with a published Fashion Magazine, or perhaps run her own PR firm.  Her name is Christine Evelyn Wong and she is a Toronto Fashion Blogger and contributor with Stylust Magazine, an on-line magazine that covers fashion trends, Canadian designers, healthy living and styling tips to get you inspired for each season.

Since she was a child she knew that she had a passion for style, “I’ve always had a visual mind.  I use to watch TV shows and see kids who were around my age and I always tried to recreate their style with what I had in my closet”.  The fashion industry clearly has her name on it and after starting an Instagram feed with a fashion edge she decided to take the plunge and start her style blog with an intention to, “lay it all out there… It always keeps me on my toes.” 

Currently Christine is studying Fashion Business at Seneca College and writes every month for Stylust Magazine.  "Working with Stylust Magazine and Lindsey Whittake (founder and editor of Stylust) has really improved my creativity and my writing skills. It's nice to work with people who have the same mindset and ideas as me because it really helps me to grow."

Special thank you to Arlen Duan & Samuel Lee for photographing Christine for Style Stories!

As my first featured blogger from outside of Vancouver can you tell us a bit about trending styles in Toronto for this Spring/Summer?

The style trend in Toronto is very hipster and relaxed.  I'm a sucker for the city and really love to watch people in Toronto showcase their style in their every-day lives. The trends that I've been noticing for this upcoming Spring/Summer is neutrals for sure and white and black are staying around. Another trend for the season is structured pieces. A lot of structured jackets are coming in and I am IN LOVE with them!

Tell us about your Fashion Blog, do you have a Mantra?

My Fashion Blog (self-titled) Christine Evelyn represents me and at the end of the day I know that is something that won’t be changing.  My Blog Mantra is honestly expression.  I use clothing and style as a way to express what I'm feeling or what I've been inspired by.  I'm not really trying my best to look amazing 24/7 but I want to feel confident in outfits I'm wearing and I choose them for myself instead of based on other people's expectations. Not everyone will enjoy my style but it's out there for people to either get inspired by or to capture ideas from.

Most people shy away from being on video.  I love your little fashion clips!  How did you decide to do this for your Blog?

Nothing is better than being able to see clothes in a 360 view and to see them in motion.   Honestly when I shoot my videos I am more excited to choose which song should play to best represent them!  When you realize its fun, you just get so lost in it that you kind of don't want to stop!

How would you describe your style?  What are the must-have items this Spring/Summer?

My style I would say it somewhere between grungy and classic. I love throwing on classic pieces that are a “must” in everyone's wardrobe but adding a little edge with accessories or a structured jacket or even a fedora. The must have items for Spring/ Summer are distressed boyfriend jeans, white collared shirts and a leather jacket!

Is there something in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

My favorite pair of jeans that have the best wash and distress to them and are still comfortable to wear. Also my leather jacket, you can never go wrong with throwing on a leather jacket over whatever you are wearing to make it look amazing.

What was it about the Tribal Triangle Necklace you chose for your shoot that screamed, “must have”?

The Tribal Triangle Necklace stood out to me because of its’ statement shape.  I like how it’s a shorter length necklace that can be worn with high necklines. It’s a piece that can really change a simple outfit into being bold. 

How do you see your new Sarah Mulder Jewelry pieces fitting in with your wardrobe?

I loved the pieces that Sarah sent to me. What I've been noticing lately is people playing with layering not only with clothes but also with jewelry. First it was the arm candy and now it’s about layering necklaces. I love how each piece have a different length to them which allows them to lay perfectly above each other without getting all tangled up. It is the perfect amount of accessorizing, which I love.  I cannot leave the house without a necklace on.  Jewelry adds that extra touch to my outfit to make me feel confident and complete.

Ultimately my goal is to put in the hard work and build a career in fashion and be known for it.  I want to embrace and absorb everything and anything the fashion industry has to offer. I love how it's constantly changing and new things are coming up. - Christine Wong

I'm looking forward to meeting Christine one day and saying thank you! She has been one of the loveliest people to correspond with and I loved telling her Style Story!

Christine is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Wrapped Quartz Necklace + Mixed Crystals Shield Necklace + Faceted Stud Earrings + Triangle Tribal Necklace *this necklace is in stores or by request only}

Floral Blue and White Jacket {Zara}

Black Shirt {Wilfred}

Black Pants {Wilfred}

Black Leather Boots {Rag & Bone}

Fedora {H&M}

Leather Jacket {Mackage}

White Shirt {Zara}

Wrap Skirt {Zara}

Dress {Wilfred Free}

White Vest {Babaton}

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