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She has a self-proclaimed “extreme case of wanderlust” which has become the inspiration for her drive behind the company Danger Brand, a LA-based clothing company encouraging youth to, “get into Danger” in the best possible ways.  “I’ve always wanted to have a career where traveling was a major part, and we’ve definitely made that a huge part of Danger Brand.” 

September is the month that I officially created Sarah Mulder Jewelry and I’m super excited to feature another young entrepreneur on my 3-year anniversary.  At only 24, Jordan and her business partner (and creative partner-in-crime) Darren Pearson, own, create and run their clothing brand from their home in California.

            “I was born in Plano, Texas and later moved to Austin, Texas to attend UT (University of Texas) to study cinematography. Once I graduated, I moved to LA right away because of the opportunities that there are here. I’m currently focusing all attention on Danger Brand after working many years in marketing for a major record label. I feel like all of my experiences over time have led me to where I am now. I mean I’m only 24 and I own my own clothing brand.”

Thanks to Jordan for sharing what inspires her as a young creative woman and for being my first Style Story outside of Canada! 

I’m thrilled to be able to share this beautiful photoshoot that Darren and Jordan created on their recent trip in Spain, sprinkled with shots of Jordan back in LA, I hope it inspires you to get creative and live out your passions in life.  Why not try?  Seems worth it! xo

Tell us about the history of Danger Brand, how did your company start?
Darren and I were on a roadtrip about 10 months ago, and we were talking about how we wanted to form a company that inspired people to travel. We wanted to base this company around three different characters that Darren had designed year’s prior. Our whole purpose in deciding to title the company “Danger” was to push people to “get into Danger,” which is exactly what Bronson, Mylo, and Dash do. At the beginning, we only had a few tee designs, but we were constantly taking photos of cutouts of our characters in different locations around the country. Once we noticed our fans’ attachments to these characters, we had to expand our ideas and product. And now we’re here!

Danger Brand oozes with youthfulness can you tell us more about your brand and the future of the company? Will you be adding more characters to Danger Brand?
The focus is on our three different characters: Bronson the chill dinosaur, Mylo the happy monkey, and Dash the angry alien. We’ve been working to bring these characters to life by giving them different personalities and situational humor. We’ve talked about adding more characters to Danger Brand, and we hope to eventually do that, but for now we will stick with the three characters!

Can you tell us more about working side-by-side with your boyfriend?
We work really well together!  We both have different skill assets that make the company run smoothly.  I worked in the music industry doing marketing for many years and Darren worked as an illustrator for many years.  And to top it off, we both have a lot of experience with photography so we handle all of the photoshoots ourselves.

The toughest part about it all is running an entire company with only two people! It can be extremely difficult to unplug from work, but we love what we do so working is fun!

Most of the time our work is placing ourselves in the lives of our characters and asking, “what would Mylo, Bronson, or Dash say or do?” We’ll be at a party or driving in the car, and all of sudden one of us will say, “I have the best idea!” We make our own work, and that work is enjoyable as hell.

As a designer, what does Fashion mean to you?
It’s a chance for me to show my true colors without having to say a word. Style is everything, and I always put a little “Jordan” into everything I wear.

Why were you drawn to Sarah Mulder Jewelry and how did you find out about my little Vancouver Company all the way over in LA?
I found out about your company through Jessica Luxe! I love her style, and follow her ways on social media. When she posted a photo of one of your pieces, I had to explore your collection. And did I mention it is everything a girl could want/need?

What inspires you?
Traveling is what inspires me most. That sense of exploration and understanding of other cultures is what keeps me on my toes.

What was the last item that you added to your wardrobe?
A floral backpack that was handmade (and purchased) in Spain. I’m always wearing a backpack when I travel because I can carry my 35mm camera with me.

What are some of your favorite places to shop that Canadian’s should know about when we come for a visit?

Just in case we can’t come are there any on-line shops you love? I’m a HUGE thrift store shopper and always have been. If you want to find some goodies, and are prepared to do some digging for it, head over to St. Vincent de Paul in Downtown LA and you will find the best vintage gear. That’s pretty much where I do all of my shopping. However, I do like to check out Dolls Kill and Nasty Gal often.

Jordan is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Triangle Quartz Necklace, Shield Necklace, Bullseye Cuff, Wrapped Quartz Necklace}

(In Spain)

Black Dress {Nasty Gal}

Shoes {Vintage Doc Martens}

Black Knee Socks {American Apparel}

(In California)

Grey Dress {Urban Outfitters}

Crop Top {Danger Brand}

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