Alternative Indigo (Provo, UT)

"Me and my husband are both creative souls, he's a musician and I'm a blogger so we use our weekends to create. we like attending local music shows and velour live, grabbing some delicious grub and veggin out."

Meet Alexis Jade Kaiser, the creative soul behind the blog Alternative Indigo writing and shooting in her home state Utah, which boasts some of the most beautiful National Parks in the USA.  I fell in love with Alexis after stumbling on her wedding photos on Instagram (they are seriously some of the most beautiful and fun wedding photos I have ever seen and thought they had been styled for a magazine shoot).  After that I was hooked on her bohemian style and sweet little blog posts.  Really loving this beautiful shoot that her husband Adam Kaiser shot for this months Style Story.  Thanks for helping us celebrate the Fall!

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What is one thing we need to know about life in Utah?

Its a strange town. Haha, for real though. Utah is a beautiful place full of adventure and geographic diversity. I wouldn't change one thing about growing up here.

Best recommendation for a getaway/road trip to take from where you live, just for a weekend?

Moab under canvas, or really anywhere in Southern Utah. It's beautiful and full of the wonders of the world. Plus you can see the milky way and shooting stars so that's a plus yeah?

Any amazing companies that you can recommend if we come for a visit?

Yesssss, Provo actually has some really rad local shops, they have an antique shop called Block 100 Antiques and you could spend hours upon hours in that place. I also love Unhinged for fun gifts, plants, and little unique treasures, and Fox Glove Utah is my all time favorite shop, they have the most unique house plants, delicious candles, and the cutest pots ever. Plus you can swing by and get a unique bouquet for your home or someone special and you wont be disappointed. :)

Utah eats & bars that you would recommend?

Eating, yes my favorite thing to do. I love to eat at The Black Sheep (authentic Native American food, think Navajo tacos) soooo good. I also love Ivie Juice Bar (cold pressed juices, to die for acai berry bowls. YES) and we have a Mediterranean food place called Aubergine Co. which is to die for (falafel, salads, wild caught salmon, you get it.) Provo has like, 2 bars soo... ya...


What’s the fashion like in your hood?

Its awful. So bad. Jk, Provo is pretty trendy, depending on which part of town you're in. Some of it is real, real bad, some is real good. We have a really awesome local music scene here in Provo and that draws some wicked people into town.

Wish list for the Fall/Winter?

boots. sweaters. coffee. records. repeat?

Do you have anything exciting you are planning on doing to your hair this Fall?

We went back pink! yay!!! haha, so that's pretty exciting.

Songs you have on repeat right now?

mmmm, My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit, Youth by Daughter, 17 by Youth Lagoon, The Only One by Black Keys... and much much more, i could put a whole playlist up, but i won't.

Ok as I said before I’m obsessed with your wedding, can you tell us how you came up with the concept and any tips for the perfect bohemian wedding?

Thank you! Me too! So we actually did our formals with the one and only Tessa Barton, we knew I had pink hair and my husband had luscious long locks and that made us unique in itself. So we went with a fun, care free vibe. I thought it would be rad to use smoke bombs and have a little fun with 'formals' kind of make them as 'informal' as possible ya know? As for my wedding, it was kind of a fly to Michigan and plan as much as you can in a week type deal. My husbands best friend married us in the field across from the house that my husband grew up in. It was magical, intimate and perfect

I had to sneak in a photo by Tessa Barton from Alexis & Adams wedding here because you are going to fall in love with the photos too! I have yet to post my own wedding photos to my blog but their wedding was the first one I saw with Smoke Bombs and I ended up talking my husband into doing a photoshoot with them too! So thanks Alexis & Adam for the inspiration!

Alexis is wearing:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry {Rider Earrings, Rider Necklace, All Nighter Necklace, After Hours Hoops, Illuminate Bracelet, Lyric Necklace}

Hat {Third Stone}

Dress {Ooh La Loft}

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