*Sarah Mulder Jewelry is "Costume Jewelry" that is made with plated finishes or base metals such as brass and copper
*Please avoid spraying hairspray and perfume onto your jewelry, as this may effect the surface look of the finish, some lotions and body cleaners may also affect the look of your pieces over time
*The best way to keep any metal from tarnishing is to put it in a closed container (a small plastic bag or a CLOSED jewelry box) to prevent air circulation.
*Do not use solvents to clean plated metal as this may cause damage to the surface
*Please remove jewelry before swimming or bathing, as water and salt water may damage the finish

Extra Tips
*Remove jewelry before sleeping, sports & working out.
*Be careful when removing your clothing and heavy knits (including scarves), latches/jump rings & connectors can catch, pull and break if you do not take care, try to remove jewelry before clothing.
*Most earrings come with small rubber backings, these are provided to ensure you do not loose an earring while wearing them.

*Light and air can and most likely WILL tarnish your jewelry or worse cause permanent damage, please take care to prevent damage by tucking your treasures away.