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Shining and sharing local creativity

We said it before, and we’re saying it again – the most talented designers can be found in our own home-grown city. Magnolia Marketing Communications’ second installment of the Local Biz Spotlight is here! This time around, it’s with local Vancouver jewelry designer Sarah Mulder. We first met Sarah in her impressive Gastown studio in downtown Vancouver. We were surrounded by her designs, crystals and stones, inspired by the carefree nature of West-Coast living. Available online at, Sarah took 5 minutes out of her busy schedule to talk all things jewelry with us…

1. When did you decide you wanted to go into jewelry design? What is your earliest memory of jewelry?

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a kid – it started with friendship bracelets…moved to bead work and that took me into the craft fair world which I would do every winter to pay off student loans etc. My background is actually in Fine Art and like most artists I had to put that on the back burner while I was trying to figure out how to pay bills. In 2011, I quit a full-time job to pursue my art career and decided to make jewelry and sell it locally to bring in some extra money when I needed it. Little did I know back then how fast things would turn around for me in the fashion industry, I’m in my 5th year of jewelry design and I love it more and more everyday. Somehow I am still finding time to work on my art as well which makes me very happy

2. Tell us about your design style? And where do you draw your inspiration from?

I grew up in East Vancouver, with a super supportive and creative family. My parents were hippies when I was really young but we lived in the heart of the city, so I had this great mix of urban city-life mixed up with a very creative community. I use this description to sum up my jewelry design aesthetic… “Jewelry for city dwellers with bohemian hearts”.

I like to design for people who like their accessories to be noticed and beg the question “where did you get that?”. It’s important to me that my customers feel as though wearing a piece of my jewelry is the finishing touch to what they are wearing. I love hearing that my customers get complimented on their jewelry all of the time, that makes me the happiest.

3. What is your favourite part about creating jewelry?

I love working with my hands and creating something accessible and budget friendly. With art, not everyone can afford to invest in one of my paintings but with jewelry I am able to get my creations out into the world in a broader way. I absolutely LOVE noticing a piece of jewelry on women I bump into on the street, which I’m thrilled to say happens quite often these days! It’s pretty darn exciting to say that I made something they are wearing.

4. What’s your jewelry philosophy?

I don’t have a philosophy exactly, I just want to make people feel good and smile more… and if my jewelry designs contribute to that then I have done my job!

5. What made you decide to collaborate with Magnolia Communications?

That was an easy decision! Meeting my community and collaboration is one of my favourite parts of what I’m doing.  I love it when people have creative ideas and want to branch out to other business people, especially when it’s local.  I really feel like Vancouver is slowly turning into a place where people want to learn more about one another and create a friendlier community and I am all for that!!

This second Local Biz collaboration has been so much fun. In fact, our newest team member, Teah Caze, helped pick out the pieces each Magnolia team member is seen wearing in the images above. With our collaborative team spirit and our love for this series, we have decided to include a mini feature on her as well!

Name: Teah Caze
Position: Digital Marketing Specialist

1. What was your favourite piece from Sarah Mulder? And what makes this Magnolia-Sarah Mulder collaboration unique?

My favourite piece from our collaboration with Sarah Mulder was the segment necklace – I think it combines simple elements to make a unique, pretty and contemporary piece!

The Magnolia-Sarah Mulder collaboration was unique because there were pieces that spoke to every personality in our office, but complimented each other as a collection! Kind of like our team!

2. What made you pursue a career in public relations/marketing?

There is always something new to learn in digital marketing! The industry is constantly developing. I also love that our strategies can be tracked and backed up by data – we see clear, significant results that we can share with our clients and use to improve our strategies.

3. What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

I took a 16-hour road-trip just to have coffee with my best friend once!

4. Any secret talents we should know about?

I play dodgeball?  

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