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Solange Marie (Phoenix, AZ)


"I think if you love doing something and it inspires you, you should bring more of that into your life. Being creative brings me such joy. "

Meet Solange Marie, a self proclaimed "Jack of all trades", travel addict and adventure seeker. I love women who are dreamers and explores and I was so intrigued to learn more about her for our March Style Story!

"I grew up in a tiny town in New Hampshire. I've lived all over including NYC, Florida, and now I'm living in the desert of Arizona. I'm a bit of a gypsy at heart and don't necessarily feel attached to any particular place, so I love traveling and having the chance to have lived in such different places. Growing up in a small town, all I ever dreamt about was getting out and exploring the world.  

I grew up in the fashion industry and have been modelling since I was quite young. It's brought me many opportunities both to travel and to work with other creative individuals, which I love. I'm so inspired by those who find a way to make a living by creatively expressing themselves and I always feel privileged to help to bring a vision to life. Growing up in the industry has expanded my interest in everything it takes to create that final image and that's where I began experimenting with my own photography and blogging. Beyond that, I've also taken on interior design projects, which I fell into by first designing my own home. I think It's another wonderful way to express yourself through your surroundings. I think if you love doing something and it inspires you, you should bring more of that into your life. Being creative brings me such joy.

Read on to learn more about this creative! Thank you to Chris Heck for these gorgeous images

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Where do you live, is there a must see or do if we travel through your State?

I live in the Phoenix area of Arizona. Moving from tropical Florida, the landscape here at first seemed so alien and strange, but I have now fallen in love with the desert. We have the dreamiest sunsets. I love hiking and being out in nature and this area is perfect for adventures! Added bonus: no dealing with mosquitoes! There are so many beautiful places, but one of my favorites is Sedona. The red rocks are stunning, but beyond that, there is a peaceful, otherworldly vibe to the whole area. 


Where have you been on your most recent travels?

My most recent travels brought me to the LA area. I've been before, but definitely got to explore a bit more. I've been making a point, especially while traveling, to try to disconnect and be in the moment. I've noticed that even in a sea of people, if you make an effort, you can be truly aware and present. It's getting more and more challenging with everyone trying so hard to get the perfect "IG photo" that I truly enjoy those moments where I can forget all that and be completely present.

File Dec 26, 2 06 14 PM.jpg
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Is there a trip you are planning currently what's on the agenda?

I'm currently planning a couple trips. One will bring me to the San Diego area and I'm excited to visit Balboa Park and the flower fields. I'll then be making a trip back to New England to visit my family and seeing them always makes me so happy! 

File Dec 26, 2 11 18 PM.jpg
File Dec 26, 2 12 33 PM.jpg
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File Dec 26, 2 09 05 PM.jpg

What was the most magical travel experience you’ve had?

My most magical travel experience had to have been seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle for the first time from my hotel balcony. It's something I had dreamed about for so long, and it's a memory that'll never forget. 

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Solange is wearing: Trouble Maker Earrings, Luna Necklace, Radiance Necklace, Radiance Cuff


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