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BEYUNIQUE (Vancouver, BC)

Style Mantra to live by? BEYUNIQUE

Style Mantra to live by? BEYUNIQUE

As far as lifestyle blogging goes, there is always one thing that Lucy Yun of beYUNique does perfectly and that is having fun!! Exploring the beyunique instagram feed and her blog is like exploring a contemporary art gallery full of gorgeous saturated photos. Her dynamic outfits and bold colours always remind us that Lucy loves to be different and stand out from the every-day crowd. We asked Lucy to tell us a little about herself;

“I am a freelace Marketing Specialist based in Vancouver. I was born and raised in a small city called Changwon, Korea. I moved to Seoul to go to the University and lived there about 5 years. The initial reason I started blogging was to improve my English skills, which helped me out a lot as you can see! “

It’s easy to see why Lucy’s favorite fashion icon is Iris Apfel and we know that she would be thrilled to hear that Lucy is following in her inspiring bold fashion footsteps. We thought that this quote from Iris Apfel summed up the vibes we get when we see Lucy’s photos…

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

Photos by Issha Marie


Can you define your style? What is your favorite trend or non-trend right now?

Back in 2012 when I first started Instagram, I used to describe it as “A feminine style with a little bit of edge”, but over the years it’s changed so much. I would say now it’s more experimental, comfy yet funky- I wear a lot of oversized clothes. I think pearl barrettes are a huge trend this Spring. As for “I wish it was never trending?” Damn Crocs!

As a Korean/Canadian fashion influencer, what do you think about the two different style worlds?  Do you incorporate Korean trends into your fashion here in Vancouver?

As far as what I have observed and experienced living in Vancouver for over 8 years, the two worlds couldn’t be more different. Korean style is dynamic, trendy and ever-changing. Canadian style can be neutral, practical and quite reserved. I usually invest a few fun seasonal items from Korea and get neutral basics in Vancouver, then mix them up together.


Do you have any suggestion for the upcoming Spring/Summer styles?  What do you wish you would see more of in Vancouver?

I am totally into lavender colour at the moment, it would make me happy to see people in this colour clothing or accessories! I wish more people would incorporate pops of colour into their outfits in Vancouver, mixing different colours is so much fun!  

How do you come up with creative photoshoot ideas?

It sometimes pops into my head out of nowhere. I get inspired by my surroundings as well; it can be architecture, wallpaper in a restaurant, posters I walk by on an electric pole, or mother nature. Once I have an idea, I use Pinterest to develop a vague idea into more tangible visualization on these ideas.


What is your favorite Sarah Mulder Jewelry pairing/styling suggestion? 

Play with the length of jewelry with clothing you are wearing! For example, either a turtleneck top or super low V-neck can be a good fit for the Rebel Necklace. I often wear the Rebel Earrings on their own, to make a bigger statement on the earrings. I find the Lucidity Ear Cuffs are a great match with a cute outfit. Try matching them with an A-line skirt above the knee- so adorable!!


Lucy is wearing:


Pulse Hoops, Dreamer Necklace, Emerge Cuff, Melody Hoops, Reverb Necklace, Emerge Ring


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