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Ams Adventures (Rotterdam, NL)


"The most important thing about travelling for me is that I go to unknown places, places I haven’t seen online and places that will surprise me"

Amber Elorabi, the Dutch travel blogger behind Ams Adventures has been doing more than just building a blog, she's been making connections.  This 21 year old grew up in The Netherlands and lead an interesting childhood that kept her meeting new people and having new adventures...

"The town I lived in for most of my life was Dordrecht, a town near Rotterdam. I have always been the kind of girl that didn’t really care about what other people were doing. I wanted to do what I loved and that’s it. Everyone went to high school and was studying, but when I went to high school I just didn’t fit in. I loved doing different things other than being in school, I didn’t go to my lessons, I was busy doing other things. I acted in commercials, travelled and was a part of political debate groups, I had to change schools almost every year because of this.  I've never been in the same school for longer than two years, but in every school I would make friends and I still have those friends.  My social skills really help me while I am travelling, I love to meet new people and that makes me grow as a person. I’m in my second year of University now, studying to be an international primary teacher. I absolutely love it and I’m still able to travel and to make content."

Thank you to Amber for being a part of the Style Stories feature, you can follow Amber on Instagram here @amsadventures

Photography by Visuals by Sharon

Read on for more of her interview!


What lead you to start your blog?

I started modelling when I was sixteen as a commercial model. I have been in a lot of different campaigns but decided that I wanted to do something different, so I started to edit my own short films and ‘’guest hosted’’ a TV show that was about travelling. I gained some followers on social media and decided to share my travels with people. I visited Norway first, I went with a friend of mine, Naomi Rader, to the Lofoten Islands. It’s crazy over there, we drove for days and didn’t see any other car. Some of the photos we posted went viral.


How do you start planning a trip?

The most important thing about travelling for me is that I go to unknown places, places I haven’t seen online and places that will surprise me. I went to Bali this summer, which is a very touristic place. I wanted to try something different but I found out that I loved the unknown islands surrounding Bali so much more and that's where I spent most of my time in the end.


What is the most important travel tools that you use to research trips with?

I always look up tickets on Skyscanner, I only fill in the travel month and get a list with different countries. I adore finding flights through Skyscanner because it motivates me to go to places and countries I have never thought of going. I just look up if there are mountains in a certain country etc and I am sold when there are. I don’t prepare, I always just go and ask the locals over there where I should go. I just bring my camera, my backpack and some money with me.


Is there a travel memory that really stands out among your trips?

I was traveling through Indonesia on my scooter while my best friend was sitting behind me. We drove for seven hours to a temple while Google Maps told us it would last 2-3 hours. Our phones were dead, the weather was terrible, our credit cards didn’t work in the ATM’s so we didn’t have a lot of money left and our fuel was low.  It became dark and there was not a hostel or hotel anywhere near us. We had to drive for three hours in the dark on slippy and dangerous roads to sleep somewhere safe. We decided to stop at a market where we bought some food and were talking to some local girls who were excited to talk with us and wanted to add us on Facebook. They asked us where we were going that late, we explained our situation. They invited us to come with them, and we did. I don’t know what would have happened if they weren’t there.



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