Looking Back

As we are getting set to launch FW17 I was flipping through last years Fall Lookbook photos and stumbled apon the BTS folder, which just put a smile on my face.  Sometimes we just need a good laugh and this Summer has been a rough one for all sorts of reasons.  I'm so lucky to welcome creative, thoughtful people into my life all of the time, for that reason I wrote this post, it's time to laugh and love and be silly and own every moment in between too!

Thanks to Hennygraphy for these fun photos and to Kristina and Anita from Make More Happy for making my job so much fun!

Photography: Hennygraphy

Model: Kristina

MUAH: Jane Mallonga

F-W SarahM Preview-7576-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7419-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7484-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7420-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7491-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7704-M.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7449-M.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-6930-M.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7044-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7042-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7162-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7308-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7034-L.jpg
F-W SarahM Preview-7482-M.jpg
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