Travel Diary (California)

From wine country and sunshine, to mountain tops and snow...a jaunt over to Vegas and time in the dunes and salt flats this trip was unlike any other we've donWhen my husband suggested a camping trip through California I was thrilled, this is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  We flew into San Francisco so we loaded our camping gear into suitcases and picked up a car and headed out.  Our adventure hit some road blocks as we drove through snow covered mountain passes (where we were hoping to camp) and cruised through Death Valley with our air conditioner blasting knowing the heat was a little too unbearable to camp in. So after 4 nights on the road we ended up driving to Vegas cus at that point...why not??  On day 7 we finally found a camping spot with our name on it in Joshua Tree National Park.  It was by far the coolest place I have ever been and we were beyond excited to set-up camp. We didn't quite plan for the enormous wind storm that blew through the desert that evening and found ourselves literally holding the tent down.  Needless to say it was quite the experience.  Despite the weather challenges it was one of my favorite trips and I'm already trying to manifest the next one to Utah (maybe we will research the weather a little more before packing up this time!).

Sarah MulderComment