Karole Josefa Bonnet

First and foremost there is always the hair-envy with French Fashion Blogger Karole Josefa Bonnet.  After that I love the way she pairs her fashion in a simple urban boho vibe.  It's the kind of bohemian style that anyone can wear if they want to give it a go.  I love what Karole wrote on her blog post about this shoot: I take you today in such pretty streets of the Ile de RĂ©. It was during this season that I find she is the most beautiful, wild, under her winter coat, still far from the tourist madness.

This really put me in the mood for some spring travel and exploration.  I hope you find yourself in some sunfilled space today and take a moment to daydream with us!

Karole is wearing the Green Fluorite Obscure Necklace.

Sarah MulderComment