Travel Diary: Spain

(repost from old site original post December 2013)

My summer adventure continued from Norway to Spain and I'm so pleased I managed to edit my photos to continue this series of travel posts.  After leaving our good friends in Norway my girlfriend and I hopped a plane to Barcelona excited to enjoy some summer heat!  Don't get me wrong we knew what we were getting into, HEAT like we have never experienced before, but both of us had been to Las Vegas in August so we were thinking we could handle it.  We had a travel route planned out in Spain but after two days in Barcelona we knew that our plans to travel further away from the ocean would be intolerable with the heat.  So we scrambled to cancel hotels and make new plans somewhere we could lie on a beach and enjoy some swimming and have a beach holiday. We ended up in Costa Brava, which was only a quick train ride along the coast from Barcelona.  Although our last minute accommodations were less than we had hoped for, the proximity to the beach and a comfy lounger was perfect and we indulged in books and cocktails and made the best of our last minute change in plans.  I was happy that at least I had a good friend with me to laugh about our experiences (and at that point we really needed a good therapy helped too).

Sometimes travel is for leisure, sometimes for exploration, for me travel is always a learning experience, it takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me learn more about who I am.  Travel is one of the greatest gifts in life and I feel blessed to be able to do it.  Thanks for taking the time to share in the discoveries that I made while I was in Spain. xoxo

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