Travel Diary: Scotland

(repost from old site original post December 2013)

My girlfriend who has been working abroad for the past few years has been inviting me to stay with her for ages and this summer I was lucky enough to be able to fly to Scotland to stay and travel with her.  I took an overnight flight on my 33rd birthday (a gift to myself!) and arrived in Glasgow the day after.  I had heard about all of the dreary weather that Glasgow usually has and knowing that I would be leaving a beautiful summer in Vancouver I was worried that I would see only sad grey weather during my stay.  I was pretty shocked to see blue skies and sunshine upon arrival!  I had a few days in Scotland to explore on my own, which is something new for me as I am not very comfortable with directions and traveling on my own.  It felt liberating and I was pleased with myself that I didn’t get lost (though having my girlfriend around to point out landmarks and street names certainly helped).  It was fabulous to have a friend to show me some of the sights and to day-trip to Edinburgh with, and I guess I was pretty darn lucky because it didn't rain once!

Sarah MulderComment