Travel Diary: Norway

(repost from old site original post Dec 2013)

Happy Holidays!!  I hope that you have all been having a lovely winter and are enjoying lots of quality time with loved ones.  I have had the most wonderful whirlwind year and throughout the year I have been very fortunate to travel all over the place.  It was my New Years resolution to edit all of my thousands of photos from the year and share them with my friends & family this winter.  I'm ahead of schedule and was able to look through all my beautiful photos that were taken over the course of my stay in Norway this summer.  

This July one of my best friends told me she would be in Norway all summer staying with her in-laws and that she would love a visitor or two.  I've never had the opportunity to travel with friends and I have always wanted to, so a plan was made to meet another friend in Scotland and from there the two of us would travel to Norway, Spain and back to Scotland.  It was an intense three weeks of travel, not only was it a leap in temperature everywhere we went, but it was also the middle of the summer so travelling was at it's height of craziness. 

The hospitality that we were met with in Norway was beyond what we were expecting, we were treated to a full day of sight seeing through the fjords, caught crab and made traditional homemade waffles (and ate like royalty everyday), went for amazing country side walks, travelled through the mountains to see Trollstigen (put it on your travel list it's breathtaking), and best of all we got to spend all of our time with close friends and laugh and act silly and enjoy every second of everyday.

I hope you enjoy the stories that my photos tell and I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of my trip with you soon! 


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