Kim James Photography

Last Winter I woke up to SNOW! The only thing that came to mind is...must see what Kim James is doing today.  Luckily for me she didn't have a ton on the go that day but it was a challenge finding someone available to come and be our models for a day of inpromptu photoshooting in the snow.  We found two willing participants at the last minute who were able to come out to Burnaby (where I had my home studio at the time) and shoot with us.  It was COLD and our models were total troopers- we only had about 40 minutes to shoot before we lost all natural lighting but we managed to get in some beautiful photos.  Also have to say how lucky we were that our models came with a mound of vintage clothing to shoot with! Always fun playing dress up!  Big warm hugs sent out to Amanda and Jessica for shooting with us and big thank you to Kim James Photography for her sense of adventure and willingness!! Love ya Kim!!

Sarah MulderComment