Joon Koo Photography

(repost from old site original post January 2014)

So it's the New Year, which means setting my goals and getting them done.  On the top of my resolution list was to tackle my dreaded "TO DO" list that I have been adding to since the summer.  It's very long... as in 3 full scale pages long, scary! But looking at it more closely amongst the scribbles and the half written sentences, I realized all of the things on my list were really great notes and ideas that were there to help my business.  So I've decided to reward myself, for every hard thing on my list that I cross off I get to knock off a fun thing from the list right after!  It is working out quite well so my reward today is finally getting to posting this smoking hot shoot from the Fall. I was able to work with a fun team on a very sexy photoshoot featuring Janice Joostemaa with Joon Koo Photography.  Even though we were met with some chilly Vancouver weather, Janice knocked it out of the park with her photos and I was shocked when I saw the stunning shots that Joon captured during the day.  A big thank you to Joon for including my jewelry in this photoshoot.

Photograhy: Joonrym Koo

Model: Janice Joostemaa

Makeup: Sandy Mac

Hair: Tyeesha Fleming

Styling: Lily Li

Jewelry: Sarah Mulder Jewelry

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