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"It was like a dream, everything was perfect" says Cheryl describing her wedding to me, "we had a couple of stumbles, like finding out Ironman was going to be in Whistler for the first time ever the same weekend as our wedding." Despite some small issues everything went so perfectly, Cheryl told me that even her biggest problem became the best situation when her accommodations became compromised.  The couple received an upgrade with Whistler Platinum to be even closer to their venue, "It was like a fairytale - Mike & I were suddenly staying in a 3,000 square foot gorgeous log cabin for the entire week!  On the morning of our wedding I walked, arm in arm with my dad to our cabin to meet Mike before the wedding and do our first look, it was the perfect backdrop."

Cheryl is the first bride to be featured in my Real Weddings stories. I couldn’t be more honored when a bride chooses my jewelry to wear, gift to her bridal party or even purchase as a thank you gift.  It's such a sentimental gift and I'm so happy to be a part of it.  Special thanks to Kalem Photography for sharing these lovely photos of Cheryl & Mike's wedding with me.  To view more of Kalem Photography's work please visit

I asked Cheryl to tell me more about her wedding and why she chose my jewelry for her big day.  I hope you enjoy reading about her wedding as much as I did!  Thank you Cheryl I'm so glad that you had a brilliant day and that your friends and family were there with you to celebrate!

The Couple:

Cheryl & Mike Hopson

Wedding Date:

August 24th, 2013


Nicklaus North Golf Course Whistler, BC.  Mike and I don't have any family here, his are in Ontario and mine in England. We didn't want it to be just about us, this would be the first time ever our families would meet each other and we wanted it to be fun, relaxed and a vacation for everyone, Whistler seemed like the perfect place.  When Mike proposed we asked everyone if they were ok with coming to Whistler and we gave everyone 18 months notice to save money and vacation time.  The venue itself is beautiful as soon as we went to Nicklaus North, we knew it would be perfect.

How did you meet?

Mike and I independently moved to Vancouver around the same time, in 2004. I moved from the UK with my ex, who had family here in Vancouver, after a lot of persuading to move I realized I had nothing to lose by trying and I could always go home if I really didn't like it here. We had joked about him not liking living in Vancouver and me wanting to stay, and in the end that was exactly what happened. After we broke up I felt like I needed to stay for a while to get some space and find some independence.  I wasn't sure how long it would take or what I was going to do, I just knew I wasn't ready to leave Vancouver and three months later I met Mike. 

I had just got back from a girls trip in Vegas celebrating my 30th birthday and some of my friends wanted to celebrate with me in Vancouver.  We went to Ceilis in downtown Vancouver,  where most people were dressed up for Halloween.  Mike & I met on the dance floor, I think we were the only ones not in costume, we still dispute who made the first move, but thankfully one of us did and that was almost exactly 6 years ago.

Where did you find your dress & the bridal party dresses?

I bought all our dresses from Davids Bridal in the US.  I was doing some retail therapy with a girlfriend who suggested we go to Davids Bridal to look at dresses.  I was just going for fun to get some ideas and happened to look through a catalogue and spotted a gorgeous, fun dress with ruffles on the skirt and tiny polka dots on the lace (my favourite).  I knew it was the one! They had it in store and in my budget ($500) and when I tried it on I fell in love with it! I never thought I'd do the 'princess' style of dress, it always seemed like it would be too big and puffy and over the top, but I felt like a million dollars in it. I made sure I tried on at least another 10 dresses to eliminate any other options, but as soon as I put that first dress on again I knew that was it. 

For the bridesmaids dresses the only stipulation from Mike was no pink, so I chose coral! It was a perfect colour and looked great on all the girls.  The neckline was a sweetheart cut, exactly like my dress and I chose knee length dresses and actually had them all shortened so they were a couple of inches above the knee. I had the flowergirls in white dresses with coral sashes, the dresses looked gorgeous on all the girls.  I found the bridesmaids shoes at Le Chateau - they're all a little taller than me and I asked if they would wear a shorter heel so I wouldn't look short on my wedding day!  I found cute wedges, which were floral with pinks and corals and they were super comfy too. I had 2 pairs of shoes, a fabulous white pair of killer heels (but they were literally killer heels, I knew I wouldn't be able to wear them for long) and a fun coral pair from Nine West which had a shorter heel and were much more comfortable.

My mum wanted to match the wedding party, so she found a gorgeous outfit which had light golds and browns and coral colours and of course, being British, a coral fascinator!  The groomsmen wore coral ties which matched the girls dresses, and Mike wore a silver tie with a coral boutonniere. My dad is scottish, so he wore his kilt, and a silver bow-tie and looked amazing!

How did you choose Sarah Mulder Jewelry for your wedding?

I was at a girlfriends house one night and spotted a gorgeous gold feather cuff that her sister was wearing, I asked where she got it from and she told me she got it in a store in Granville Island (Dream Apparel & Articles for People) her and her best friend bought one each as friendship bracelets. She emailed me shortly after with Sarah's website, I looked it up and knew that her jewelry would be perfect for the wedding, I wanted something unique, something West Coast, that would be perfect for the wedding but also everyday wear too. Sarah was great, I got the feather cuffs in silver for me and the bridesmaids and feather necklaces for the flower-girls and Sarah even customized the designs with little silver hearts at the clasp on all of them which I loved.

What were your stand out special touches to your wedding?

The setting of the wedding was gorgeous, beautiful flowers outside and the amazing backdrop of Green Lake and mountains so we felt like we didn't need to do too much with decorations. I decided I was going to make as much as I could and enlisted the help of friends and family.  We made paper tissue flowers, which turned out great! We used them in vases for the tables and also made some larger size flowers that hung on the beams inside and outside - they were so simple to make, just paper tissue and garden wire, but really effective.  I designed our invitations, place settings and thank you cards, which saved money and added a personal touch! I made the rest of the decorations too, handmade bags as thank you gifts, picture frames with photos of Mike & I were scattered around the room and we also had a memorial table with photos of family members that had sadly passed away with a lit candle that I had bought from the hospice that took care of my nan. 

I did a lot of the planning and designing of the wedding myself, which I really enjoyed doing - however I did hire Candice (A Day to Remember), a friend and wedding planner for her 'week of services' which was fantastic, I could pass everything I had done over to her and then she took care of everything, which left me stress free on our wedding day.  We are very fortunate to have friends in the profession, a hairdresser, photographers, an event planner and DJ and even a friend who makes cakes as a hobby! Rebecca actually asked if she could keep the design of the cake a surprise, I had sent her pictures of my dress and told her colours and themes and she made a gorgeous cake that when you cut into it the colours matched the coral theme.

Who was your photographer?

Kalem Photography, our friends Katrina and Eric a husband and wife team.  I loved having them as our photographers the best thing about having a husband and wife team was that we got double the photos! Katrina was with me while I was getting ready and Eric was with Mike, when we did our first look Katrina was capturing one angle and Eric was capturing another. It added so much more dimension having 2 people shoot the same thing - the only problem was having too many great pictures to choose from! 

{To see more of Cheryl & Mike's wedding visit Kalem Photography's Blog here}

Having a photobooth was also a huge hit with our guests, we didn't really do wedding favours except for some sweets on the tables, but with the photobooth everyone got to take home some hilarious photos - and we got a disc of ALL the images afterwards, lets just say you could see the progression of the night and alcohol consumption!

Photobooth by Candice & Kevin Jones, A day to Remember

Any Bridzilla moments?

I went back to the US one weekend with a friend to pick up my dress and look at bridesmaids dresses, I tried it on again just to make sure everything was perfect and they put the dress (in a bag) behind the counter while we looked at bridesmaids dresses. We stopped at Bellis Fair Mall for a little last minute shopping then headed back to the car to make our way across the border. I wanted to grab the receipt from the dress (which was attached to the bag) for the border crossing, I looked at the receipt and was confused because someone else's name was on it, I couldn't work out what had happened until I unzipped the bag and saw an entirely different dress! I was mad!!! I called the store straight away and they realized their mistake and still had my dress there, I had to drive back and get the right one, a few choice words were made and they were very apologetic, but I had my dress and at least I hadn't got all the way back home before realizing their mistake!

Thank you to the following people who helped to make Cheryl & Mike's day so special!

Brides Hair {Jaclyn Lewis}

MUAH {Christina Petry, Red Carpet Ready by Christina}

Photography {Katrina & Eric Stewart, Kalem Photography}

Cake and cookies {Rebecca Hathaway}

Wedding planner {Candice Jones, A day to Remember}

Photobooth & DJ {Kevin Jones, A day to Remember}

Flowers {Senka Florist}

Venue {Chloe Thomas, Nicklaus North}



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