Marlis & Ken

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“We arrived to the ceremony by float plane.  It was AMAZING to see the Lake and the ceremony location from the air and land on the water to the tune of the Indiana Jones theme song. Flying in was SO FUN.”

I first met Marlis years ago when she photographed me for an artist profile with Timeraiser Art Auction.  Since then we have become friends, sharing art and photography stories over coffee dates (it’s so nice to have friends that share the same passions in life!).   I was so thrilled to hear that Marlis would be wearing a piece of my jewelry on her wedding day and couldn’t wait to see the photos!

There are so many wonderful things that Marlis had to say about their beautiful outdoor wedding at Tinkers Places in Nester Falls, Ontario.  From the help they received on location putting the couples ideas into action (such as compostable tableware and amazing food) to the support of friends in Vancouver as they spent hours making hundreds of buttons for the wedding, shopping with the bride-to-be and everyone who put special touches on their wedding day (like her bridesmaid Brenda who gave the best toast ever complete with a flipchart!).  Marlis and Ken definitely had a wedding to remember.

Today, one year later, they are celebrating their first anniversary! I’m so excited that I get to share just a small part of their love story and some of the details that helped their wedding come together!

Special thank you to Coralee from Red Photo Co for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!

The Couple:

Marlis Funk + Ken Harkness

Wedding Date:

August 10, 2013


We were deciding if we should get married in Vancouver where we lived (and a lot of friends are) or at the Lake near Kenora, ON (where it would be more convenient for our families to travel to). 

Lake of the Woods is where Ken’s family has a summer cabin and where his parents are now.  It’s a beautiful place and the thought of having a more relaxed setting where our friends and family could enjoy the area we like so much was the deciding factor. 

We had heard about Tinkers Places (in Nestor Falls, south of Kenora) and had a great referral for their food and the people that run the place.  It had some accommodations on site and seemed like a great fit for our wedding weekend.  The referral was right – the food was fabulous and the folks at Tinkers Places were incredibly helpful! 

Where did you find your dress & bridesmaid dress?

I had no idea what I wanted but I was interested in local designers.  I had tried one place in New Westminster and found a gorgeous dress there, but it wasn’t the right type of dress for a more-casual Lake wedding.

My friend’s sister flew in from Saskatoon to get her dress made from Pure Magnolia in North Vancouver, so I went to check out the dresses there.   I found one in my price range that I LOVED.  It is made out of raw silk and was a simple one-strap with some pretty leafy lace.  Thankfully she had just enough lace left for one more dress! 

Since I had only one bridesmaid it wasn’t too complicated to get a dress and I hoped to find another local designer.  I love the dresses from Smoking Lily, and we found one that was emerald green with baby blue bees and flowers. 


How did you choose the Sarah Mulder Jewelry Leaf Cuff to go with your wedding day look?

I was looking for a simple but elegant piece that would go with the leafy lace of my dress.  I was looking through your website and there it was on one of the photos!  It was perfect. 

Being a photographer yourself how did you choose the photographer for your wedding?

We decided to look for a photographer from Winnipeg (the closest major city) so the travel costs wouldn’t be as high.  I knew Coralee (Red Photo Co) from when she photographed my cousin’s wedding and I have been following her work for years.  I was really lucky that she was available (since our wedding was planned in 7 months) and so happy she was willing to photograph a photographer’s wedding!

What were your favorite “stand out” special touches about your wedding?

My friend Erin in Saskatoon (Boolah Baguette) makes these amazing dolls.  I had already had her make a doll in the likeness of my dog, so as a surprise for Ken, I had her make dolls of us!  I sent her photos of my dress, shoes, Ken’s tie, and even the Leaf Cuff.  Erin is amazing – the details are perfect.   Since we had ice cream sundaes instead of wedding cake, these were sort of like our ‘wedding cake toppers’.

My mother-in-law grew the flowers for my bouquet and Ken’s aunt arranged them.  They only lasted through the ceremony (it was hot!) but they were beautiful! 

I picked out Cubs cufflinks for Ken (made by Nostalgic Links) a few years back and he finally wore them!

Best advice you could give to a newly engaged bride?

Remember that the day is going to be what it is.  You can’t control the weather!  Be as prepared as you can so you can enjoy the day, delegate things to people who want to help and if something doesn’t go as planned, then roll with it and have fun!!!

Was there anthing that you thought would be great but ended up not working?

Not really… I have been to enough weddings to have seen amazing things and near disasters, I knew the possibilities.  I think the surprise was that the neighbours in the Bay were waterskiing by us during the first part of the ceremony, until someone pointed out the wedding to them.  Overall we were happy to have fun with our friends and family.

Any Bridezilla moments??

There’s so many, many decisions to make for a wedding so eventually something’s gotta give!  When it came to shoes I just could not find the right ones and got so indecisive it was painful.  My friends probably did not want to shop with me ever again!  Eventually I bought two pairs, heels for the ceremony and flats for the rest… and two other pairs just because!!

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