Matt Phrozen Editorial

(repost from old site, original post date August 2013)

Simply put I love what I do and when other people love what I do too it makes me even happier!  I was approached by Sayde Burgers this past Spring at Make It to see if I was interesting in contributing jewelry for a collaborative creative bridal photo shoot.  Of course I LOVE this sort of thing (collaborations are my favorite because you always gain a new perspective and meet so many interesting like-minded people!).  I was not able to be at the shoot in person so seeing the amazing photos shot by Matt Phrozen of Phrozen Photo I was so in awe of what they had done.  From the decor to the wardrobe and everything in between...I was and still am totally impressed! One more reason why being open to new experiences and meeting new people always makes so much sense...thank you for including my work in this beautiful photo shoot Matt and Sayde!  For full images and credits please visit Matt's website here.

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