On a hot sunny day in July I had the absolute pleasure of working with a tremendous team on this gorgeous yacht-inspired shoot.  Vancouver Lifestyles Blogger Bethany-Sara modeled for us in a stunning sequin dress I picked up knowing it would work perfectly in a shoot (I just didn't know which shoot it was going to be perfect for!).  I had such an amazing time collaborating with these ladies that by the time we were leaving we were already dreaming up our next shoot together (stay tuned!). HUGE thanks to Hennygraphy & Faye Smith Makeup & Hair for their amazing skillzzzzz on this shoot. 


Henny Hwang {Photography}

Faye Smith {Makeup & Hair}

Bethany-Sara {Model}

Sarah Mulder Jewelry & Styling {Prohibition Collection}

Sarah Mulder Collaboration by Hennygraphy (72 of 96).jpg
Sarah Mulder Collaboration by Hennygraphy (89 of 96)WEB.jpg
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