Got Hitched ~ Kim James Photography

I like to think that we are a pretty fun couple, but when it comes to wedding planning a lot of the "care-free" nature of the event starts to get lost in the oodles and oodles of details.  A few months before our wedding I asked Kim James (who I had hired as our wedding photographer) if she would be able to come to Tofino a day early to shoot with Matt and I to get our nerves out before our wedding day. We never had a traditional engagement photoshoot (which I'm not a fan of anyways!!) but I was worried that we wouldn't be comfortable on our wedding day in front of the camera as we've never shot together before (I wasn't so much worried about Matt as I was for myself, I tend to get really nervous and do strange things in front of the camera!!).  The photoshoot was going to take place on Frank Island, my Uncle Tony & Aunt Carol own half of this Island where Cox Bay and Chesterman's Beach meet in the middle to form a sandbank that you can walk on twice a day when the tide is low, and when the tide is high it it becomes a beautiful, day-dream-worthy little Island again, it is truly a treasure.  I grew up making the trek out to the Island each summer with my family and it holds the deepest childhood memories for me, it was also Matt and I's first official trip together when we met 10 years ago. 

The photoshoot planned was going to be a casual jeans and knits thing...but when I get going on ideas it's hard for me to stop sometimes! And so at theSpring Make It in St. Albert (which I will be back to this November!), I came across a turquoise blue tutu at designer Laurie Brown's booth and I had to buy it!! I am not a tutu kind of a gal - so I think most people were shocked to hear what I was planning...I was a little surprised myself but it was fun to have that girly-girl moment that brought me back to my childhood in a place that was pure magic for me.  It's too bad I didn't have the tutu when I was 8...I would have lived in it!

A big thanks to Kim James Photography who climbed around on the rocky sea-side in her flip flops to capture some of my favorite photos of Matt and I from our wedding, you made us feel so comfortable and the day was so wonderful thanks to you and your hard work.  We love you.

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