Officially Quigley (Los Angeles, CA)

 "I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Why would anyone feel guilty about what makes them feel good!!?"

 "I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Why would anyone feel guilty about what makes them feel good!!?"

Well HELLO SPRING!!! It's my favorite time of year...that time where the days get longer, the air gets warmer, and dresses with flip flops are finally appropriate again!  We're kicking off Spring over here in the best way possible... by celebrating FESTIVAL SEASON!  My CAPS are set to LOCK for this feature because I'm so so excited to post this STUNNING photoshoot and rad interview with electronic-dance musician Officially Quigley
In an interview with Obey Clothing, she describes her music as "fun and melodic, with lots of samples, rhythmic airy vocals, bright stubby synths, eighties drum fills and toms"...and her style as "colorful and western, with a 90s twist. Its a mix of bright, bold, and global prints styled with braids and hats."

Read on to find out a little more about Offically Quigley and make sure to check out the links to her's gonna get you dancing for sure.

A big thank you to Sarah Holt for these gorgeous photos, you can follow her work on Instagram HERE.

Can you tell us a little about where you grew up?

I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN called Eden Prairie. My mom is actually a retired flight attendant so I got to do a lot of traveling as a child. We used to make pretty frequent trips to Hawaii, so that is one of my happy places.

How did you get into fashion blogging? Was that a natural transition from what you were already doing? 

I've been a singer/writer/musician my whole life but have always been obsessed with fashion. Last year, I started blogging as a new creative outlet and it stuck! I love art directing and styling shoots, and it is so much less pressure than the music industry.

What gets you excited to perform?

I just wanna dance. Dancing gets me excited. :D

When and where is your favorite place to write or sing?

Favorite place to write... in my head when I'm stuck in traffic or on a run at the park.

Favorite place to sing... into my microphone in my home studio! That way I can add all sorts of FX :)

Dream festival to sing at?

Probably Cochella mainstage! That would be the dream!!

Favorite song of yours right now?

I just put up a new song on Soundcloud! It's called Higher! Check it out!

Favorite song right now by someone else?

My favorite songs by other artists right now are Dancing on Glass by St Lucia, Close by Nick Jonas and Kamikaze by MO.

What would you rather be doing right this minute????

Running around the park with my dog Lucy. Or eating a fabulous cheese plate.

...Quigley, you had me at "I just wanna dance" but I love you even more because of the "cheese plate"

Thank you for being amazing! Looking forward to shakin' our booties this year to your grooves XO

Officially Quigley is wearing;

First Look: The Transform Necklace in two different lengths, The 3 Corner Studs

Second Look: The Reflect Necklace, The Scarab Cuff, After Hours Studs

Third Look: The Aura Arm Band

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