Obscurae Magazine, February 2016

Donna Lynn Photography

Branded Magazine Issue 06, The Mode: Forever and Always, Fall/Winter 2015

Atcha Kim Photography

Freshly Worn Magazine Issue 12, Volume 3: Heavy Metal, Spring/Summer 2015

Donna Lynn Photography

Kai'outi Magazine Issue 10: As the Snow Falls, January 2015

Kenneth Kwok Photography

Gothesque Magazine Issue 15 Volume 1: Morgan Le Fay , August 2014

Kilkay Images

Jute Magazine Issue XV: Winter Green, 2014

Liz Dungate

Y.A.M. Magazine Style Issue: An Autumn Tale, Sept/Oct 2014

Cathie Ferguson

Freshly Worn Magazine Winter Issue 11: Chasing Dawn, 2014

Andrea Gurniak

W25 Magazine Issue 68: Gurrl Riot, 2014

Fred Fraser

Truvelle Bridal Lookbook Video: 2014

Raine Magazine Hollywood Issue Volume 19: Fresh Faces, April 2014

Andrea Gurniak

HUSH Magazine: Local Spotlights, July 2013

Christina Sunbeam