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Waaaaaaaaay back in June a lovely fellow crafter friend of mine Lana from LanaBetty featured my work on her BLOG called Follow Friday which features designers, stores, crafters & anyone local who has a story to tell about what they do.  It has been a lot of fun Following on Fridays as quite often the feature is someone I know or have met at a fair and I love reading intimate and casual conversations. As Lana ramps up for her wedding day she has been posting some pretty amazing DIY's on her site that she has been prepping for her big day.  By far my favorite DIY that she has dreamt up is the beautiful paper flowers she made with the help of friends (I added a picture below because I couldn't resist)...ok she probably did most of it herself because I've never seen someone create quite as much for a wedding as she has!  It's been fun seeing all of the crafting going on! Also she made crocheted flowers I thiiiiink they are being used for cute!

To check out more of what Lana has been up to visit her website here

Thanks for the fun wedding inspirations Lana, I see a new career in your future!!


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